In Pictures: The Festival of Britain

With a big thank you to the Design Archives in Brighton, here’s a collection of photographs, posters and drawings from The Festival of Britain to celebrate the publication of Harriet Atkinson’s new book.

Festival Britain: A Land and Its People

Harriet Atkinson’s new book The Festival of Britain: A Land and Its People explores how the Festival of Britain in 1951 united a war-ravaged nation after WWII. Drawing on previously unseen sketches and plans, photographs and interviews, The Festival of Britain is unique in that it travels beyond the Festival’s spectacular centrepiece at London’s South Bank and shows how the Festival made the whole country an exhibition ground, to which hundreds of the country’s greatest architects, artists and designers contributed.

Click a thumbnail to begin the slideshow.

More information about The Festival of Britain: A Land and Its People can be found on our website.


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