Eric Ravilious’ Imagined Realities

Famed for his imaginative transformations of the art and imagery of the past, and the subject of our new book, Eric Ravilious’ reputation continues to grow.

Eric Ravilious: Imagined RealitiesEric Ravilious (1903-42) is now one of the most popular artists of his period. A painter of watercolours and murals, as well as a book illustrator in wood engraving and lithography, he also famously designed transfer-ware pottery for Wedgewood. Ravilious adopted a dry and precise style of working to imaginative and romantic subject matters. In 1940 he became an Official War Artist, where he created memorable pictures of ships, aircraft and coastal defences before his tragic death in a flying accident off Iceland.

This month we publish Eric Ravilious: Imagined Realities, which is the most comprehensive account of Ravilious’ career to date. The book includes many previously unpublished paintings and illustrations, photographs, sketches, letters and other documents, again previously unpublished. Below we have created a gallery of Ravilious’ work, demonstrating the wide range of his artistic activities.

Personally, we’re a big fan of his illustrations, but don’t let us influence you. As always, let us know what you think.

Click a thumbnail to begin.

All images are taken from Alan Powers’ Eric Ravilious: Imagined Realities, which includes over 100 colour and 20 mono illustrations.


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