Painting of the Week / Thomas Abbs

Painting of the Week: 60

Moonrise on the Yare

John Crome (1768-1821), Moonrise on the Yare, c.1811-1816, oil on canvas, 71.1 x 111.1 cm, Tate.

People from Norfolk are trained to make something out of scant settings. They are also connoisseurs of the near-nothing. The difference between me and John Crome though, he has mad brush skills. In Moonrise on the Yare, a pleasant fragrance of leaf decay seeps from the canvas; the air’s empty and good, cow bells clunk, dogs bark in brown barnyards, and the moon blankets you in its milky goodness. It goes beyond appreciation, and attachment, I have love for this painting. TA

Click here for an enlarged view of the painting.


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