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Inside the New Jihad, book announcement

We are pleased to announce that we have commissioned Beirut-based journalist and historian Sami Moubayed to write an ‘inside account’ of the Islamic State movement (ISIS/ISIL).

Provisionally titled Inside the New Jihad, the book is slated for release in early 2015.

Joanna Godfrey, our senior editor for History and Current Affairs has said:

‘Sami Moubayed is the ideal author to shed more light on the current crisis. Sami is an experienced Arab journalist based in the region. His extensive research and local knowledge, combined with an unrivalled access, will make this a unique and more complete picture of the ISIS movement.’

Sami Moubayed has been studying developments in the region for 20 years and has developed connections in a world that is not usually accessible to western journalists and writers. The book will contain insider interviews with senior individuals within the IS organisation, as well as with military and intelligence sources.

Sami Moubayed’s Syria and the USA is out now in paperback. ■

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