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New series: Behind the Silver Screen

Chronicling the full collaborative history of filmmaking for the first time.
Behind the Silver Screen

In a series of ten volumes, Behid the Silver Screen will cover for the first time the collaborative art, craft, business and history of filmmaking from inception to reality. Illustrated in black-and-white and colour, they also comprise the first full history of filmmaking.

Following the first two books in the series on Cinematography and Screenwriting (out early November) will be volumes devoted to directing, acting, producers, sound, animation, costume, art direction editing and special effects.


Edited by Patrick Keating

CinematographyHow does a film come to look the way it does? What influence does a film’s look have on our reaction to it? Cinematography’s role as a science and an art is often forgotten. Cinematography remedies this omission by examining the highlights of the art of the cinematographer and providing the first comprehensive overview of how the field has rapidly evolved, from the early silent film era to today’s digital imagery. It shows how the art of cinematography has been influenced by both technological advances and trends in the movie industry, from the rise of big-budget blockbusters to the spread of indie films, with detailed views of films and profiles of the major cinematographers.


Edited by Horton Andrew and Julian Hoxter

ScreenwritingScreenwriting is where a movie begins. Written by screenwriters and critics, this innovative book is devoted to the art of the screenwriter and the business of screenwriting from Hollywood’s silent beginnings to the global multimedia marketplace. Focusing on key screenplays that changed the game in Hollywood from The Birth of a Nation to Chinatown and Lost in Translation, the book reveals the profound ways in which screenwriters contribute to films, as they try to capture the hopes dreams, nightmares and concerns of the period in which they are writing.

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