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EU Referendum 2016 Essential Reading List

Time is ticking down. The day is almost upon us. Are you ready to make an informed decision? If not, you might like to do some last-minute referendum related research…

Debates have become increasingly heated, emotions are running high, hashtags have been engaged and polls are predicting Brexit. The run up to the EU referendum has reached its peak!

On June 23rd Britain’s future in Europe will be decided by the voting public. Politicians, CEOs and celebrities have all waded into the debate wielding statistics, historical precedent and ever-more emotive arguments as their weapons. With the Conservative party split and Labour pledging allegiance to the Remain campaign, the Brexit and Bremain camps are both growing in number, and alliances are constantly shifting.

We have been watching the debate progress and publishing alongside to address the ever-evolving questions raised. Below is a selection of new and recently published titles exploring some of the origins and key issues of the EU referendum – from economics and immigration to Churchill and geopolitics. They’re on sale at 40% discount until the day of the referendum – get reading and voting!


Churchill on Europe: The Untold Story of Churchill’s European Project by Felix Klos

 Churchill on Europe

What did Churchill make of “Europe”? Where would he have stood today? Churchill’s ideas around Britain’s role in Europe have been quoted and misquoted by big names on both sides of the EU debate. This book reveals new and unpublished correspondence that brings to light Churchill’s vision of Britain as the driving force in creating and upholding a strong new European family. It shows how after the Second World War, he swore to build a European peace that would last. He set about building the ideals and institutions that would eventually become the European Union. As Churchill becomes the new face of the £5 note, this book is a timely reminder to think about Britain’s current role in the EU in terms of his legacy. Ultimately, in the coming weeks it is crucial to ask: What would Churchill have done?

“Scintillating… It knocks [Boris] Johnson’s sloppy, solipsistic opportunism for six.”

– Martin Kettle, Guardian

“A deeply researched and beautifully written reminder of where the European dream came from”

– Professor Robert Gildea, Winner of the Wolfson History Prize

 “…will challenge muddled explanations of Churchill’s thinking on Europe. An important book which could not have come at a better time”

– Dr Sue Onslow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies

“All politicians suffer from having their words misquoted…but the posthumous conflicts over the nature of Churchill’s views on European integration are in a class of their own. Timely, erudite and absorbing”

– Professor Peter Catterall, editor of The Macmillan Diaries

Let’s Stay Together: Why Yes to Europe by Denis MacShane

Lets Stay Together.jpg

From the bestselling author of Brexit comes a personal and passionate plea for voting ‘Remain’ on 23rd June.

Denis MacShane, former Minister for Europe, is alarmed that the referendum debate so far has been too polite, too restrained.

Now is the time for the gloves to come off, he insists.

The result is a small book with a hugely important message.

Denis MacShane was a Labour MP serving in Tony Blair’s government as Minister for Europe. He was first elected as MP for Rotherham in 1994 and served until his resignation in 2012. He is a prominent commentator on European issues.

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Brexit: How Britain will Leave Europe by Denis MacShane


Will Britain leave the EU? Following the Conservative victory in the 2015 General Election, the question of ‘Brexit’ is high on the political agenda. Denis MacShane looks at the history of Britain’s fraught relationship with Europe and shows how the possibility of Brexit has become increasingly more likely. He examines the key personalities who shaped Britain’s European policy – from Churchill to Cameron – and the key issues of immigration and the economy which have heightened Eurosceptic feeling in the UK. Touching on one of the most divisive political issues of our times, this book will be essential reading as Britain moves towards a referendum on Europe and considers its future place in the world.

 “No-one in their right mind wants, hopes or believes Brexit will happen. But it might happen by accident more than design. Denis MacShane knows more about what makes Europe tick than most and, in this important book, he explains why we should all understand how grave the situation could become.”

– Peter Mandelson

“lurid and provocative…impressively severe and thorough… feisty, adversarial and accessible”

Times Literary Supplement


The Europe Dilemma: Britain and the Drama of EU Integration by Roger Liddle

 FIF_Full Cover_AW.indd

What is Britain’s future in Europe? This book investigates Britain’s posture of ‘semi-detachedness’ from Europe during the ongoing Eurozone crisis. While logic may point to deeper integration, the politics associated with the EU’s problems make this a significant and possibly insurmountable challenge. Where should Britain stand? What future should Britain want for the EU? And how important is continued membership of the EU for Britain’s future? This book offers new answers to these questions from the perspective of an author who has worked both at the heart of British Government and in the European Commission.

“A remarkable account of Britain’s troubled relationship with the EU which is both dispassionate and shrewd, and manages to convey the complexity of the issues and the personalities involved…one of the best-informed and analytically most astute analyses of Britain’s European dilemma.”

– Times Literary Supplement

“[An] excellent account of Britain’s long wrestling match with Brussels… required reading for anyone who wants to look beyond the sloganising in which the debate is most often framed.”

– Financial Times


The European Union: An Introduction by Mark Corner

European Union, The

The EU is one of the most notoriously complex international organisations. At the heart of the EU debate across Europe are two opposing groups: one aiming to devolve more sovereignty to the EU, and the other to devolve less. In this accessible and engaging book, Mark Corner provides an essential introduction to the history and modern workings of the EU. Focusing on key themes in the union’s development and the debates surrounding future enlargement, this book answers the key questions related to the EU and provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for anyone curious about future of Europe.


“At last: a completely common sense, no-nonsense, hands-on and eminently readable introduction to the European Union.”

– Theo D’haen, former Director of European Studies, University of Leuven

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  1. Thanks for all the great info and book suggestions! I’d actually just watched a show on this recently…and much like every other thing happening, media is GREAT at getting it wrong. I was hoping someone would post this stuff!

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