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Orson Welles and pan-Europeanism, 1947-1970

Seth Alexander Thévoz. Recently, Sight and Sound’s decennial critics’ poll displaced Citizen Kane from its perch; after a fifty year reign, Orson Welles’ dazzling debut did not take the top spot. This was a pity; but not for the reason that Wellesians worldwide lamented as their King was deposed. Continue reading

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Dissecting the Living: Vivisection in Early Modern England

Lindsey Fitzharris. In 1664, Robert Hooke—a pioneering member of the Royal Society and lead scientific thinker of his day—decided to investigate the mechanisms involved in breathing. In his laboratory, he strapped a stray dog to his table. Then, taking his scalpel, he proceeded to slice the terrified animal’s chest off so he could peer inside … Continue reading