Is Kristie Mewis Lesbian? American Soccer Player Gay Rumor Gone Viral

Kristie Mewis Soccer Player
Kristen Anne Mewis, born February 25, 1991, is an American midfielder for the US national team.

The internet is buzzing with speculation about the sexual orientation of an American Soccer star, Kristie Mewis whether she is lesbian. 

Kristen Anne Mewis, born February 25, 1991, is an American midfielder for the US national team and West Ham United in the Women’s Super League (WSL).

Mewis was a soccer player at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School in Hanson, Massachusetts, where she was raised.

Kristie had 34 assists and 74 goals at the end of her high school career.

Mewis earned multiple All-American titles, team honors, and three Division titles in Massachusetts.

Mewis participated in the 2003–2007 Olympic Development Program (ODP) in Region 1.

She participated alongside her younger sister Sam at the 2008 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup and the 2010 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Mewis scored five goals and provided six assists in her first season at Boston College.

Kristie also led the team in shots taken (72), second only to Vicki DiMartino, a fellow Eagle and USA U-17 player.

After the final two weeks of the 2012–13 season, Mewis joined Canberra United FC of the Australian W-League.

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Is Kristie Mewis Lesbian?

Yes, Kristie, a gifted American female football player, is a lesbian. She does not have a husband or a marriage.

Mewis and Australian football player Sam Kerr have an open relationship.

Sam and the American football player announced their relationship with a kiss on Instagram.

Kristie Mewis Relationship
Football star Kristie and her new partner Sam Kerr console one another on the field. (Source: Outsports)

Since Kerr moved to the United States to play in the league, she and her companion, Kristie, have remained close.

Their living quarters are not far from where the two female lovers reside.

But up until now, Kerr hasn’t acknowledged that she is gay in any of her interviews.

The football player has come out as lesbian because to her outings with women.

In addition, American society has been accepting of homosexual athletes, and the nation’s government does not penalize homosexuality.

Moreover, Ruby Tui, Kelly Brazier, Gayle Broughton, and Portia Woodman are just four of the New Zealand sports team’s openly LGBTQ players.

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American Soccer Player Gay Rumor

Kristie Mewis and Sam Kerr were close on the field but distant off it.

After months of rumors, we were finally able to get formal confirmation in November that the two lovebirds are getting married.

According to sources, Mewis is reportedly leaving Gotham FC to join West Ham United.

This will end the years-long distance that Mewis’s and Kerr’s careers have required them to go.

Kristie Sam Gay
Mewis is a native of the United States, whilst Kerr is a Chelsea FC player. (Source: Celebrity Nine)

Their romance was initially made public after squad USA defeated the Australian Matildas in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

The squad won bronze in women’s football, sparking romance rumors with a cute photo of Mewis holding Kerr on the field.

After Kerr shared a photo of Mewis wearing a ring on her left hand in September 2023, fans speculated about their engagement.

Speculation about the couple’s engagement began with a video of Mewis wearing a new ring on her left hand, posted on Gotham FC’s Instagram page in early September.

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