Court on Canvas: Tennis in Art

More than a pastime, tennis has served as inspiration for some of the great 20th century painters.

Court on Canvas: Tennis in Art

Wimbledon, a time of perennial British expectation and disappointment. It’s also a time where we get to pretend to indulge in all our favourite summer clichés: Pimms, strawberries and cream, straw-hats, Robinson’s Barley Water (other lemon cordials are available), and of course, Cliff Richard.

Handily, it also gives us an opportunity to look at how tennis has been the source of inspiration for numerous artists, and here – collected from our book Court in Canvas: Tennis in Art – we have created a small gallery of such work for you, including the likes of Max Liebermann, Peter Lavery, David Hockney and Percy Shakespeare.

Click a thumbnail to begin the gallery.


More information about Court on Canvas, including spreads from the book, are available at our website.

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