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Wishful Thinking (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia remains enigmatic to me, its historical narrative slowly revealing itself in intermittent bursts. In the second excerpt from our Writing Revolution series,...

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One Stands There As Though Mesmerised: An Extract From DESERT LOCUST PLAGUES By Colin Everard

Colin Everard, having dedicated ten years to accumulating substantial knowledge on locust swarms in the Horn of Africa, shares insights from his book "Desert...

We Are Not Swallows (Algeria)

Ghania Mouffok's contribution to the Writing Revolution from Algeria reflects on the country's history of thwarted uprisings, tinged with fear and longing. Distrust And Disillusionment...

Armed With Words (Yemen)



Survivor 46 Hunter Mcknight Ethnicity And Religion: Family Details

Hunter McKnight, a 28-year-old science teacher from Mississippi, who competed in Survivor 46 has been questioned about his ethnicity. McKnight has a special connection to...

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The Voice Season 25 Zoe Levert Age And Wikipedia: Parents And Family Ethnicity

Zoe Levert, a skilled musician hailing from Louisiana, captured the spotlight as a participant on The Voice Season 25, prompting curiosity about her current...

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Griselda Pollock In Running To Host Civilisation

Griselda Pollock has been proposed as a potential successor to replace Sir Kenneth Clark as the presenter of the BBC's revamped version of Civilisation. According...

Total Politics Book Awards 2013

We are delighted, and believe me eager, to announce that I.B.Tauris have received five nominations in the new political book awards launched this year...

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