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Reading List: 5 Books to Understand Modern China

In what can seem a universe within itself, Kerry Brown, author of The New Emperors, selects five essential reads on modern China. Each year, a multitude of...

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We Are Not Swallows (Algeria)

Ghania Mouffok's contribution to the Writing Revolution from Algeria reflects on the country's history of thwarted uprisings, tinged with fear and longing. Distrust And Disillusionment...

Diary of an Unfinished Revolution (Syria)

In the initial excerpt from "Writing Revolution," recipient of the English PEN's translation award, Khawla Dunia delves into the interaction between subjective encounters and...

Armed With Words (Yemen)



Love Is Blind Trevor Hairline: Why Is His Hair Red?

The hairline of Trevor in Love Is Blind Season 6 has caught viewers' attention, sparking speculation about the origin of the prominent red line...

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Love Is Blind: Who Was Jessica Vestal Spotted On The Plane With? Dating History

Love Is Blind Jessica Vestal hints she’s dating another cast member from which fan wants to know about her dating history and who Jessica...

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Total Politics Book Awards 2013

We are delighted, and believe me eager, to announce that I.B.Tauris have received five nominations in the new political book awards launched this year...

Griselda Pollock In Running To Host Civilisation

Griselda Pollock has been proposed as a potential successor to replace Sir Kenneth Clark as the presenter of the BBC's revamped version of Civilisation. According...

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