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Dissecting The Living: Vivisection In Early Modern England

Lindsey Fitzharris. In 1664, Robert Hooke, a pioneering member of the Royal Society and a leading scientific thinker of his era, chose to examine the...

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Bedouins, Boundaries And The Buraimi Oasis

Borders, Boundaries, and Buraimi Oasis are human-made constructs. Despite our deep connections to our heritage, culture, and nation, borders are essentially demarcations on maps. Whether...

VIDEO: A Chat With Philip Mansel, Author Of ALEPPO

In a 2016 interview with historian Philip Mansel, author of "Aleppo: the Rise and Fall of Syria’s Great Merchant City," Dr. Mansel discusses Aleppo's...

Extract: Revolution Is My Name

Armed With Words (Yemen)



Bobbi Althoff Lesbian Rumors: Is Rubi Rose Her Girlfriend? Dating History

Recent viral videos on Twitter have sparked the Bobbi Althoff lesbian rumors, especially after the connection with Rubi Rose. Bobbi Althoff was born on July...

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Dream And Tommyinnit Response To Wilbur Soot Drama And Apology: What Happened To Him?

People's response to the allegations against Wilbur Soot was a mix of shock, disappointment, and calls for accountability. Wilbur Soot, also known as William Gold,...

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Griselda Pollock In Running To Host Civilisation

Griselda Pollock has been proposed as a potential successor to replace Sir Kenneth Clark as the presenter of the BBC's revamped version of Civilisation. According...

Total Politics Book Awards 2013

We are delighted, and believe me eager, to announce that I.B.Tauris have received five nominations in the new political book awards launched this year...

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