Joel Osteen Religion And Ethnicity: Is He Christian Or Muslim?

joel osteen religion
Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen, a prominent businessman and author, is well-known for his positive message of hope and prosperity, often sparking curiosity about his religion, whether he is Christian or Muslim.

Joel Osteen is an American pastor, televangelist, and author based in Houston, Texas.

He leads Lakewood Church, one of the largest megachurches in the United States.

His televised sermons reach millions worldwide, known for their positive, hopeful, and prosperous themes.

Further, as a bestselling author, Osteen’s books frequently top the New York Times list.

Similarly, in October 2007, he published his second book, “Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day,” which quickly soared to the top of The New York Times Best Seller list.

With an initial printing of three million copies, Osteen emphasized that the book centers on relationships and breaking free from stagnation in life.

Not only that, Osteen earned a spot on Barbara Walters’s list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006. Now, learn about Joel Osteen’s religion.

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Joel Osteen Religion: Is He Christian Or Muslim?

Joel Osteen identifies as Christian, not Muslim. He serves as the pastor of Lakewood Church, a non-denominational Christian megachurch situated in Houston, Texas.

His teachings in sermons and books revolve around faith, hope, inspiration, and prosperity, often seen as interpretations rooted in Christian doctrine.

Despite theological criticisms, Joel maintains his Christian identity and operates within the broader Christian tradition.

joel osteen religion
Joel Osteen is Christian, not Muslim (Source: Theguardian)

Osteen’s ordination occurred in 1983 through his father’s church, and he delivered his inaugural sermon on January 17, 1999.

Moreover, by October 3 of the same year, he assumed the senior pastor role at Lakewood Church.

In 2003, Lakewood Church acquired and subsequently renovated the Compaq Center, formerly home to the NBA Houston Rockets and the AHL Houston Aeros.

According to Osteen, by 2008, Lakewood Church’s weekly service TV program was being watched in over 100 countries.

Further, Osteen was featured on Barbara Walters’s list of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006.

Former presidential candidate John McCain hailed Osteen as his preferred inspirational author.

In 2010, the Osteen family attended an Easter breakfast hosted by President Barack Obama at the White House.

What Is Joel Osteen Ethnicity?

Joel Osteen boasts a diverse ethnic background originating from various European ancestries.

On his father’s side, Osteen’s heritage includes English and Scotch-Irish/Northern Irish roots. His paternal grandfather, who traced his lineage to England, founded the Reformed Baptist Church.

Meanwhile, the author’s mother hailed from Dutch Jewish descent, thus imbuing Joel with both Christian and Jewish backgrounds in his family lineage.

joel osteen religion
The American televangelist has mixed ethnicity stemming from various European ancestries (Source: Mattmcmillenministries)

This multifaceted European ancestry contributes to Osteen’s widespread appeal across diverse demographics.

As an American with a blend of English, Scotch-Irish, Dutch, and Jewish ethnicity, Osteen is adept at connecting with a multicultural audience.

Through his church, Lakewood Church, Osteen welcomes people from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds, emphasizing unity and inclusivity within the Christian faith community.

Inside Joel Osteen Family

Joel Osteen was born to parents John and Dolores (“Dodie”) Pilgrim Osteen.

His parents played pivotal roles in shaping his upbringing and faith.

John, who lived from 1921 to 1999, founded Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, in 1959.

Initially a Southern Baptist pastor, he later became associated with the charismatic movement and was known for his warm and positive preaching style.

On the other hand, Dodie, who lived from 1925 to 2013, stood by John in leading Lakewood Church and played a significant role in the church’s music ministry.

Renowned for her kindness and humility, Dodie’s influence and John’s were profound in Joel’s life.

Joel is one of six children born to John and Dodie, and their collective influence is evident in the continuation of Lakewood Church and Joel’s preaching style, which echoes his father’s warmth and positivity.

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