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Is Tom Brady Dating Chris From Mr Beast? Girlfriend And Relationship

The rumor about Tom Brady dating Chris Tyson from Mr. Beast sparked social media interest when news of a potential collaboration between Brady’s team and Mr. Beast was teased.

Chris Tyson is a friend of fellow YouTube star Mr. Beast. Over the past few years, he has gained worldwide popularity worldwide.

Previously, Tyson made headlines for sharing their journey with hormone replacement therapy.

On the other hand, Tom Brady was one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He led the pack for multiple teams before his retirement.

The announcement of his retirement from his career caused a major stir on the internet.

In the meantime, the duo Brady and Tyson took the swirl around the Internet as people speculated ongoing romance between them.

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Is Tom Brady Dating Chris From Mr Beast?

Rumors of former NFL star Tom Brady dating Chris Tyson are flying around the Internet.

However, paparazzi clicked Brady with the supermodel Irina Shayk which smashed all the speculations.

Meanwhile, Brady has not confirmed his relationship with the supermodel. The ties of his romantic life remain a mystery at the moment.

On January 15, they were clicked together at a restaurant in Manhattan on Monday. The media clicked them together in October 2022 for the first time.

Meanwhile, paps spotted Shayk cozying up with longtime ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper in August, which adds even more mystery.

The dating rumors of former NFL star Tom Brady and Mr Beats' close friend Chris Tyson is taking over the Internet
The dating rumors of former NFL star Tom Brady and Mr. Beast’s close friend Chris Tyson are taking over the Internet. (Source: Essentially Sports)

Back to Brady and Tyson, whether the duo is dating or not, they are close friends. On the other hand, there is speculation that Tyson divorced their wife, Katie Tyson, in 2022.

Chris Tyson recently came out as transgender and goes by the name Kris Tyson and the pronouns she/her.

Further, Chris and Katie share a son together. However, neither Chris nor Katie have addressed the news of their split.

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Chris Tyson Opens Up About Gender Journey Aka HRT

Chris Tyson, a content and video creator, opened up about their journey on hormone replacement therapy.

She has been taking hormone replacement therapy since February 2023 and has been sharing her journey on social media.

Further, Tyson is also known for participating in many of the challenges and prank videos on the MrBeast channel.

Tyson once revealed how she struggled with gender dysphoria for years.

Later, Tyson decided to start HRT, which she says saved their life. Moreover, being a parent to a son helped him to make a decision to start treatment.

Chris Tyson with wife Katie Tyson and their son before the transition
Chris Tyson, now Kris Tyson, with her wife Katie Tyson, and their son before the transition (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she has changed her name from Chris to Kris on her social media and overall.

She told Padilla that she had never said it publically but now she is confident about her decision for over a year.

Kris was able to accept herself fully after she started hormone replacement therapy in February.

That was the same time she started growing out hair and was more public with her femininity.

Similarly, growing up in a tiny, conservative village, she is now a global fame as a content creator with millions of viewers.

Tyson also admitted that she was afraid about how other people might react. Currently, she is happy to call herself a woman and feels free.

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