Love Is Blind: Is Chelsea Blackwell Transgender? Gender And Sexuality Revealed

Chelsea Blackwell transgender rumors
Chelsea Blackwell (Source: The Sun)

After the Meghan Fox comparison controversy, Chelsea Blackwell, being a transgender, is taking over the Internet. The Love Is Blind star Blackwell has been at the center of attention lately. 

As Love is Blind Season 6 aired on Netflix on February 14th, it quickly attracted audiences. The show steals people’s attention with its blend of romance and drama

This season, Chelsea Blackwell,  a 31-year-old flight attendant and event coordinator, stirred up the whole internet. She garnered widespread interest with her claim to be a lookalike of Megan Fox.

Furthermore, her addition of looking like the actress, her behavior and personality, created her buzz. This ultimately made people call her “clingy, annoying, needy, and unbearable.”

While one of her controversies was getting a little chilled down, the rumors regarding her sexuality again drew her back to the headlines.

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Love Is Blind: Is Chelsea Blackwell Transgender? Her Gender And Sexuality

Love Is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell again became the topic for discussion as many viewers believe she might be transgender.

At the moment, there is no factual evidence to prove the rumors regarding her sexuality. As far as we know, she uses the “she” pronoun and identifies as a woman.

The assumption about someone’s sexuality is not only unethical but also harmful. As of now, the reality star has not clarified anything regarding the assumption.

Chelsea Blackwell found herself in a huge controversy as she compared herself to Meghan Fox
Chelsea Blackwell found herself in a huge controversy as she compared herself to Meghan Fox (Source- Instagram)

Chelsea might be unaware of the ongoing speculations about her sexuality on the Internet. The topic about someone’s gender and sexuality is very intimate and it should be left the same way.

However, when it comes to public personalities, people tend to make their own assumptions and speculations without any facts. Some often come to the light and speak about it, while some prefer to keep it unanswered.

Meanwhile, as the Love Is Blind finale approaches, she will remain in the headlines for a while now.

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Life Of Chelsea Blackwell Before Love Is Blind

As Chelsea Blackwell entered the reality show, Love Is Blind, she picked up on fame and became a familiar name. However, the fame also brought controversies and rumors.

Her comparing herself with the actress Meghan Fox turned her life upside down. But there is a totally different life that Blackwell lived before everything happened.

She was living a normal, regular life as the owner of Rugged and Radiant and a flight attendant. Rugged and Radiant is an event planning company, as per her Instagram page.

The reality star, who worked in the airlines, loves to travel across the country. Her social media is full of pictures of her going to new places.

A few months before the show’s release, she posted a photo of herself at a Coldplay concert in London, England.

When she is not planning an event or flying Chelsea Blackwell loves to travel
When she is not planning an event or flying Chelsea Blackwell loves to travel (Source- Instagram)

Followingly, the official website of Rugged and Radiant says she is skilled in marketing and organization. Blackwell shared on the show that she has been married while keeping other details to herself.

While there is no trace of her ex-husband on social media, she tied the knot when she was 18. Blackwell mentioned the marriage lasted for five years before they parted ways.

Currently, she is engaged to Love Is Blind star Jimmy Presnell. He even posted a long heartwarming message on Instagram calling Chelsea his girl.

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