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Noel Fielding Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian? Ethnicity And Family Background

Noel Fielding religion has been the topic of interest for so many people in recent years mainly because of the personality and comedic humour of this multitalented celebrity.

Noel Fielding was born on 21 May 1973, in Westminster, London, England was also raised in the same area.

He is an English comedian, actor, musician, artist and presenter known for his work on The Mighty Boosh, The Great British Bake Off, etc.

Noel has appeared in many TV series and movies Horrid Henry: The Movie, Set the Thames on Fire, Disenchantment, etc.

He also has exhibited his paintings and also has collaborated with other artists for fashion design and shows.

His major fashion achievement is with an Italian brand Fendi for the autumn/winter 2021 menswear collection.

For his musical involvement, he is the founder of the band Loose Tapestries. Loose Tapestries is an alternative music project.

His study includes a BA degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. He received this degree from Buckinghamshire New University, then called Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in High Wycombe.

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Noel Fielding Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian?

Noel has always revealed that he is not religious and does not follow any religion. So, his current religion is non-religious.

Regarding whether he is Jewish or Christian, the answer is not so simple. Since he has never revealed anything about his birth religion and also being non-religious, no information is available.

His father and mother’s religion has never been revealed in any form of the media. So, without his parent’s religion, his birth religion cannot be assumed.

Noel Fielding religion
Noel Fielding has two daughters. (source: Instagram)

Also, Noel has revealed that his parents liked to party a lot and used to have regular parties at home. So, it suggests that his parents might also not have been religious.

Noel might not be religious but his surname, according to religious sources, is historically Christian. So, we can assume he might have been Christian by birth but later became non-religious.

In conclusion, Noel is non-religious himself and there is no evidence of him being Jewish by birth.

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Noel Fielding’s Ethnicity And Family Background

Noel Fielding was born in England but he is not entirely British. In fact, he is of French descent as his grandmother was French by birth.

Fielding was raised by his grandmother and has revealed in many interviews that he respects and loves his grandmother very much.

He has described his grandmother as a strong and fearless woman and has always said that he loves the personality of his grandmother.

Noel Fielding’s father is Ray Fielding and he was Royal Mail manager. Ray got married to another woman when Noel was three.

His mother’s name is Yvonne Fagan. Yvonne died at the age of thirty-seven due to illness.

Noel Fielding Ethnicity
Noel Fielding was named one of the 50 best-dressed British men in 2015 by GQ. (Source: Instagram)

Noel’s childhood was very chaotic and wild as there was partying and stuff all around his parent’s house. Additionally, his comedic partner describes his childhood as “feral”.

Fielding is currently in a relationship with radio DJ Lliana Bird. They started dating back in 2010 and now have two kids.

During his college years, he was a drinking addict but later got rid of drinking with the help of his friend and collaborator Nigel Coan.

So, in conclusion, Noel is of French and English descent. His family were financially stable during his childhood and he had a somewhat normal childhood.

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