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Love Is Blind Austin Shively Drama: Wikipedia And Family Background

Is Austin Shively Love Is Blind contestant? He is already creating a buzz on the Internet with the mystery surrounding him. Look into the details of the drama unfolding on the reality television. 

Just like the previous season, Love Is Blind Season 6 is taking over the internet with the mystery and secrets surrounding the contestants.

Austin Shively raises eyebrows with his latest scandal involving Tiktoker, Ryan, and Jimmy Presnell.

Presnell is one of the contestants on the reality show who is being dragged into the drama.

While Austin is not on the show himself, his name is involved in the drama connecting to the show. On the other hand, people are having a mixed reaction about the ongoing speculations.

Let’s dig deep into the drama and find out more about ongoing drama and the people involved in it.

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Love Is Blind Austin Shively Drama: Who Is He?

While many of you might get confused, Austin Shively is not a Love Is Blind contestant. However, his name is involved in the drama that is related to the reality show.

Everything started after a TikToker named Ryan posted a video stating her boyfriend is on Love Is Blind. She was shocked and in disbelief when she found him on a dating reality show.

In the ongoing drama, people found a series of photos she shared with a man named Austin. The intimate nature of the photos sparked another rumor about him being Ryan’s beau.

Ryan Love Is Blind
Ryan expresses her feelings on seeing her man on Love Is Blind. (Source: Twitter)

Ryann clarified the situation amid the misunderstanding. She debunked the rumors of a love relationship between her and Shively.

In a shocking turn of events, she revealed Shively is actually her gay best friend. But other people questioned Ryann’s honesty because there were still unanswered questions.

While she did not reveal the name, many assumed she was talking about Jimmy Presnell. All this drama has left the show fans on the edge and curious for more information.

She talks about experiencing many different feelings, such as betrayal, envy, and sadness. Ryann wonders why her partner would participate in a dating show when they were still dating.

Furthermore, in the video, she also expressed her pain and uncertainty about the situation. She talked of being taken aback by the revelation and finding it hard to take it all in.

Austin Shively Wikipedia And Family Background

As Austin Shively only made headlines due to his connection with Ryann, there is no Wikipedia of him. Moreover, he has turned his Instagram profile private, securing his privacy.

With a little more research, we got through his Facebook profile. As per his social media, he is from Omaha, Nebraska, and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

Austin Shively is a theater artist as per his social media
Austin Shively is a theater artist as per his social media. (Source: Facebook)

Austin completed his graduation from Texan Christian University in 2021. While Shively is not in the reality show, he does theatre.

Recently, he performed at Shawnee Mission Theatre in the Park. Apart from that, there is not much information about his family.

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What Was Fans Reaction?

While so many people assumed the person Ryan is dating Love Is Blind star Jimmy, others think this is a publicity stunt.

There are hundreds of comments saying how they think this is a marketing strategy. While many pointed out that the show was filmed months ago.

Some even went as far as doing some digging and mentioned how she said she was single since Obama in December.

While there is a mixed reaction, one thing is still a mystery that is who is Ryan actually talking about.

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