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Was Twomad Gay? Transgender Rumors And Gender Revealed

Twomad, a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for his comedy skits and viral memes, has been the subject of some gay rumors and speculations about his sexuality and gender identity.

Twomad was born on 17 December 2000 in Canada. And his real name was Muudea Sedik.

Twomad was a Canadian YouTuber and a Twitch streamer, and his videos were usually hilarious and chaotic.

He started his channel in 2017 and, as of 2024, has over two million subscribers in his main channel.

Twomad was famous for his trolling, memes, reactions, and gaming content, and most of his famous videos on his channels are pranks and trolls.

He had also done collaboration videos besides his pranks, trolls, and gaming videos.

He had often collaborated with other YouTubers and streamers, such as Maxmoefoe, Anything4views, Linus Tech Tips, and Dream.

Twomad’s style of humor was very unpredictable and absurd, as he liked to make fun of everything and everyone, including himself.

For his antics, he has been banned from several platforms, such as Twitch, Omegle, and Discord.

Due to his edgy content and humor, he often used to get in trouble, as evidenced by the amount of bans he received on different platforms.

On February 13, 2024, during the welfare check on Twomad by the Los Angeles Police Department, he was found unresponsive in his residence in California.

From the initial checks, the cause of death was found to be an overdose of drugs.

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Is Twomad Gay?

Twomad has never personally revealed or talked about him being gay, but people have been making speculation due to his Instagram bio.

In his Instagram bio, she/her is used as a reference, due to which many people believed that he was gay and was too shy to say.

But his content does not suggest such speculation.

Twomad had many times joked about having girlfriends and has also been in controversy for one of those jokes.

In June 2023, he tweeted a photo of Brianna Ghey with the caption “i have girlfriend bro look [sic]” which was very controversial.

Twomad gay
Twomad was in controversy for mocking the BTS band. (source: Instagram)

Brianna was a 16-year-old British transgender girl who was murdered in February of 2023.

Later he apologised by saying he didn’t know about her age and the event that happened with her.

So, these indicators and many sources calling him male suggest to us that is was not gay.

But the real truth might not ever get revealed as Twomad was found dead in February 2024.

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What Was Twomad’s Gender? His Transgender Rumors

Twomad had never revealed his gender being anything other than male.

Except for his bio on Instagram, nothing suggests anything other than he is not transgender.

But Twomad never announcing his gender has made things difficult for anyone to say for certain that he is not transgender.

The only thing related to him being transgender was his controversial tweet about transgender British girl Brianna Ghey.

Other than that he never had commented about his gender in any form of media.

Twomad transgender
Twomad initially became famous for making content with Belle Delphine. (source: Instagram)

There have been a lot of allegations against him, especially after his death.

Jameskii on Twitter has claimed that Twomad was a rapist and a paedophile.

He already had an allegation of sexual assault by a Twitter user. In that allegation, some screenshots of messages were also shown.

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