Love Is Blind: Who Was Jessica Vestal Spotted On The Plane With? Dating History

jessica love is blind plane
Her bio emphasizes her top priority: being Autumn’s mom. (Source: Instagram)

Love Is Blind Jessica Vestal hints she’s dating another cast member from which fan wants to know about her dating history and who Jessica Vestal spotted on the plane with.

Jessica was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and celebrated her 30th birthday on December 22, 2023.

Vestal worked her way up the corporate ladder to become an executive assistant, and her skills in communication and customer service likely contributed to her success in this role.

Jessica revealed her job as an executive assistant during the show. She continues to hold this position at GCG.

Additionally, Jessica has embraced her role as an influencer and actively volunteers with various organizations.

She supports causes such as the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina, the National Foster Parent Association, and the Levine Children’s Hospital.

Also, her honesty about being a single mom resonated with viewers, making her relatable and admired for her openness.

Her willingness to share her experiences added depth to her character on the show.

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Who Was Jessica Vestal Spotted On The Plane With?

Jessica Vestal from “Love is Blind” was seen on a plane with her co-star Johnny McIntyre shortly after being spotted cuddling with “Too Hot to Handle” star Harry Jowsey.

They were side by side at the airport, as captured by TMZ. Interestingly, Johnny and Jessica never crossed paths on the Netflix show itself.

Their interaction occurred off-screen, leaving fans concerned about their connection.

During the show, Johnny, who became engaged to Amy Cortés, appeared to develop a different bond with Jessica.

jessica love is blind plane
She continues to hold this position at GCG Wealth Management. (Source: Instagram)

Before meeting Johnny, Jessica had a relationship with Harry Jowsey, known for his appearance on Too Hot to Handle.

In August 2023, they filmed Perfect Match, with Harry carrying Jessica in his arms in the sea, and their chemistry extended to Love Is Blind, where they cuddled in the sea.

Harry even tried to kiss Jessica while she was sunbathing, and they had fun putting sunscreen on each other.

Even though they had some cozy moments, they’re not following each other on social media, which leaves them wondering about their relationship.

Additionally, Harry mentioned on a podcast that he had dated someone with a child before his stint on Dancing With The Stars.

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Jessica Vestal Dating History

The romantic journey of Jessica Vestal dating history includes Jimmy Presnell, Johnny McIntyre, and Harry Jowsey.

Initially, Jessica held high hopes for a future with Jimmy Presnell, but circumstances took an unexpected turn.

Their relationship took a surprising turn when Jimmy decided to break up with Jessica and chose to be with fellow contestant Chelsea Blackwell instead.

After her breakup with Jimmy Presnell, Jessica received unwavering support from her 10-year-old daughter, Autumn.

jessica love is blind plane
She also playfully lists herself as a comedian and provides links to her TikTok, email, and Snapchat. (Source: Instagram)

Jessica appreciates her daughter’s wisdom, saying, “If someone leaves you wondering where you stand with them, they’re not your person”

Despite their differences, Jessica handled the situation with grace and openness, showing maturity in handling the challenges.

Although they never crossed paths on the Netflix show itself, their off-screen interaction has left fans curious about their connection.

During her time in the pods, Jessica had a lot going on, and her honesty about who she liked and her connections kept hooked.

In a recent episode of “The Viall Files” podcast, she hinted that she’s still trying to sort things out with another season 6 cast member.

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