Rae Lewis Thornton Wikipedia: Family Background And Networth

Rae Lewis Thornton wiki
Rae Lewis Thornton is a popular public speaker who tells her story at non-profits, colleges, and conferences.

An Emmy Award-winning AIDS activist who rose to national acclaim, Rae Lewis Thornton, an influential figure, has been spurred on the internet lately, following her Wikipedia and family background.

Emmy-winning AIDS activist Rae Lewis-Thornton gained fame by sharing her story in Essence Magazine.

She has had AIDS for nineteen years and HIV for twenty-seven. Rae speaks and dispels misunderstandings and preconceptions regarding HIV/AIDS while touring the nation.

Currently pursuing her doctorate in Church History, she holds a Master of Divinity degree.

Rae has been in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Emerge, Glamour, O, Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Jet, Ebony, the Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune, to mention a few.

She has also been featured on Nightline, Dateline NBC, BET, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

For a first-person series on living with AIDS for Chicago’s CBS News, she won the prestigious Emmy Award.

Speaking and dispelling myths and preconceptions about HIV/AIDS, Rae traverses the nation.

Her experience of sexual abuse, brutality, and rejection is told in her most recent memoir, “Unprotected.”

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Rae Lewis Thornton Wikipedia

Lewis-Thornton had encountered challenges in her life before being diagnosed with AIDS.

Her paternal grandfather reared her after removing her from her parents when she was a baby.

Her father had died by the time she was three years old. Until she was eighteen, she did not communicate with her birth mother.

Rae Lewis wikipedia
Rae Lewis Thornton has broken the cycle of trauma due to her influences and speeches. (Source: POZ Magazine)

After Lewis-Thornton’s grandfather and his wife moved to Evanston, Illinois, she attended Beethoven and Earle schools in Chicago before transferring to Chute Middle School.

Again, her housing situation altered when she started high school.

When she came home one night at the start of her senior year, fifteen minutes over curfew, her grandfather’s wife ejected her.

After securing accommodation in Chicago with a friend, Lewis-Thornton commuted for an hour to Evanston High School for the rest of her senior year.

She then worked two jobs after school before returning late at night to her apartment on the “EL” train.

Despite the difficulties, she graduated with her class and started college at Southern Illinois University after taking a year out from high school to work and earn some money.

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Rae Lewis Thornton Family Background And Net Worth

Lewis-Thornton was born in Buffalo, New York, to a Black father and a White mother who were both heroin addicts.

Rae was brought into the family of her paternal grandfather, Alfred Lewis, Sr. when she was a small child. He was 55 years old then, and Georgia, his third wife, was 34.

However, Georgia Lewis raised Rae when her devoted grandfather passed away from a stroke when she was six years old.

rae lewis thornton Family
Activist Rae Lewis-Thornton says self-love is the first step toward prevention on the awareness day. (Source: Shondaland)

Despite their turbulent relationship, Rae thought it only right to inform Georgia of the news before she heard it from someone else.

Lewis-Thornton wasn’t sure how effectively her mother had assimilated the facts at the end of the talk.

One of the most significant events in her life was her marriage to Kenneth Thornton in August 1994. He was fully aware of her ailment prior to their marriage.

Before she recovered from her treatments, they were married for four years.

They separated because their marriage was unable to withstand the transformation.

There’s no prior information or sources about her net worth or her salary.

In the battle against HIV/AIDS, one person may make a significant impact, as seen by the life and work of Rae Lewis-Thornton.

In addition to improving Rae’s personal life, her campaign has inspired many people to live openly and shamelessly, even in the face of HIV.

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