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Xielo Maruziva Origin: Parents And Ethnicity

The tragic story of Xielo Maruziva, a two-year-old boy who fell into a river in Leicester, has captured the attention of the public about his origin, parents, and ethnicity.

Xielo Maruziva is a two-year-old toddler who fell into the river on 18th February 2024 on the outskirts of Leicester.

The search for the little boy is still ongoing as everyone is helping in the search and rescue of Xielo.

Michaela Kerr, Assistant Chief Constable, who is leading the police force for this rescue, gave an update.

She stated that the police had found the CCTV footage of the exact moment when the little boy fell into the river.

She also says that further information was gathered from the dog walkers and local people from the local community.

Further, she added that the number one priority of the police is to make sure they get the boy as soon as possible.

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Xielo Maruziva Origin

Xielo Maruziva’s birthplace and exact date of birth are not available to the public. People are more concerned about his rescue than his personal details.

The original post from the police does not contain any information about the boy’s origin.

Xielo fell into the River Soar after which his father immediately tried to rescue him but failed.

The rescue team has also said that Xielo’s rescue has been more challenging due to bad weather. But they are not giving up.

Xielo Maruziva rescue
Many divers and people are searching for the little boy. (Source: Daily Mail)

Many divers and marine recovery dogs are searching the area, and police have also implemented a helicopter, hoping for quick results.

Although his origin is not officially described in any post or statement, many sources believe that he was born in England.

Police and Xielo’s family have kept privacy regarding his origin and life till now as they do not want to be distracted.

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Xielo Maruziva’s Parents And Ethnicity

His parent’s names and occupations are also unknown as with his origin. This is mainly because of the security reasons.

Cases like these always attract people as they usually blame parents for any harm to their child which can be painful in such difficult times for parents.

Xielo’s parents are already in pain and the last thing they need is criticism. So, due to this reason, his parent’s identity is not revealed.

Despite all this, Xielo’s parents did release a statement through Leicestershire Police on 21st February 2024.

Xielo Maruziva origin
The weather is also not very good for rescue but police are trying their best. (Source: Daily Mail)

Xielo’s mother, in that statement, said, “Xielo is a cheeky, funny, friendly, smart, caring, and independent little boy. He always makes me laugh or smile and loves a cuddle and some kisses.”

She further added, “Me, his dad and the whole family are so heartbroken at what has happened. We thank everyone who has supported us and helped us during this time. We are extremely grateful for this.”

“All we want is for Xielo to be found as soon as possible. Thank you.”

His father also said, “Xielo is a bundle of joy to us. He is a charming and creative little boy and has just started at nursery. He loves cuddles, playing with his toys and going to the park”

Finally, both parents thanked everyone for their continued love and support and they want Xielo to be found as soon as possible.

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