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Kansas Dominic Miller Ethnicity And Religion: Family Background And Origin

Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting suspect Dominic Miller ethnicity, religion, and family background are the major topics of interest among people.

Dominic Miller is an 18-year-old teenager who was involved in the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting.

Dominic Miller was charged with second-degree murder and unlawful use of weapons following the shooting.

Miller is a resident of Kansas City, Missouri, and was also the person who opened fire during the shooting.

He, along with Lyndell Mays, were the two people who were charged and now face trial at the Court of Jackson County, Missouri.

One person was killed and twenty-two others were injured in that shooting series. Eleven of the injured were children.

The shooting was a result of an argument between at least four people.

Police have reported that they are looking for other people but they have not been able to catch anyone else till now.

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Kansas Dominic Miller Ethnicity And Religion

Dominic Miller is a Black male teenager from Kansas City revealed in the complaint file at the Court of Jackson County.

Except for his age and gender not much is revealed in the complaint file as well.

Due to safety reasons not much about Dominic Miller’s personal life is revealed in any of the media sources.

According to the law enforcers, Miller allegedly went for the victim after the argument. The person who died due to this incident was Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two.

Dominic Miller Ethnicity
The other shooter from the Kansan Superbowl Parade is Lyndell Mays. (source: NY Post)

Usually, mass shootings in the United States of America have been due to conflicts in religious beliefs and cases of bullying.

But this was not the case for this shooting, as no religious beliefs are related in any form.

Due to this reason, Dominic Miller’s religion is also not publicly revealed as it was not important for the case.

After the arrest of Miller, no pictures have been revealed and no statement has been given regarding Miller’s confession.

In conclusion, he is of the Black race and his religion is unknown.

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Dominic Miller’s Family Background And Origin

Similarly, his family background is also unknown since no family members have come out publicly to claim Dominic Miller as one of their own.

Police and law enforcers have also not revealed anything about both suspect’s family for safety reasons.

Cases like these are very sensitive, and one wrong information can cause harm to innocent people.

So, law enforcers are extra careful regarding the information that is published or reported to the public.

Dominic Miller shooting
The Victim of the shooting, Lisa Lopez-Galvan (source: NY Post)

Despite Miller’s confrontation not being public, the other shooter, Lyndell Mays confrontation, has been stated.

According to Lyndell, he started shooting because someone said ‘I’m going to get you’.

So, the police have concluded that the reasons for the shooting were very minor and the full story is yet to be revealed.

The only family that came out publicly was the family of the victim.

They have stated in a statement that although it is not gonna bring the dead back, they are still thankful for the arrest of suspects.

In the same statement, they also thanked the law enforcers for making this case their top priority and it will give justice to Lisa.

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