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Court On Canvas: Tennis In Art

Beyond being a mere recreational activity, tennis has been a wellspring of inspiration for several influential painters of the 20th century.

The Wimbledon season is a time when the British people eagerly look forward to the event. However, their disappointment often stems from the lack of success of their players. It’s also a time when we can playfully partake in our cherished summer traditions: sipping on Pimms, enjoying strawberries and cream, donning straw hats, quenching our thirst with Robinson’s Barley Water (though alternative lemon cordials exist), and, naturally, embracing the presence of Cliff Richard.

Conveniently, Wimbledon also provides us with a chance to explore how tennis has inspired numerous artists. Here, gathered from our book “Court in Canvas: Tennis in Art,” we’ve curated a compact gallery featuring the works of Max Liebermann, Peter Lavery, David Hockney, and Percy Shakespeare.

Court on Canvas: Tennis in Art

Court on Canvas: Tennis in Art

Court on Canvas: Tennis in Art
Court on Canvas: Tennis in Art is a book and an exhibition that celebrates and explores the origins of the game of tennis in Birmingham.

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