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Did Ambika Mod Undergo Nose Surgery? Wikipedia And Age

Ambika Mod nose is the searched topic about the actress since she got a hype from This Is Going To Hurt. Here is everything you need to know about Mod and if she has undergone surgery. 

Ambika Mod had a breakthrough in her career through “This Is Going To Hurt.” Starting her career as a stand-up comedian, Ambika quickly won hearts with her acting skills.

She is now part of its new 14-part adaptation of One Day, streaming on Netflix. It is the second on-screen iteration of David Nicholls’s best-selling book of the same name.

The series continues the 20-year on-and-off romance between Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. While Leo Woodwall stares as Dexter, Ambika is playing Emma in the series.

Fame and rumors come hand-in-hand for the people in the entertainment industry. Likewise, as Mod is rising towards success in Hollywood, many wonder if she has undergone nose surgery.

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Did Ambika Mod Undergo Nose Surgery?

There is no factual evidence of Ambika Mod nose surgery on the Internet. Amidst the speculations, Mod has not mentioned any work she had done on her face.

Many have been closely examining her recent appearances for indications of cosmetic enhancement.

This has resulted in a strong curiosity generated by rumors that she has changed the features of her face.

Since she hasn’t issued an official confirmation or denial, the rumors might grow more intense.

Nevertheless, celebrities’ plastic surgery rumors always spark a rush of discussions and assumptions in internet forums.

Mod became known nationwide as she starred as a junior doctor, Shruti in This Is Going To Hurt.

Shruti found herself buckling under the strain of the role and its many demands.

Ambika Mod posing for the cover of Grazia UK
Ambika Mod She is now part of its new 14-part adaptation of One Day. (Source: Instagram)

During her interview with the Guardian, she spoke about her difficult relationship with her physical appearance.

She remembers how she was told specifically or implicitly, that brown women aren’t the standard of beauty.

The actress added that it still sits with her. As her younger self, she never imagined herself playing the lead role of Emma Morley in the new TV adaptation of the book.

As of 2024, she is already taking over hearts with her phenomenal performance on-screen.

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Inside Ambika Mod Wikipedia: Her Age

Born on 2 October 1995, the age of Ambika Mod is [calculate year datestring=”10/02/1995″] years old.

She grew up in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, as a daughter of an immigrant parents.

Her mother came to the UK when she was a child, while her father arrived in his 20s. Mod received a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies from St Mary’s College, Durham.

Back when she was in the University, she joined its comedy group, the Durham Revue after failing to get part in the plays.

While she never considered writing and performing comedy, she was good at it.

After finishing the university, she moved to London where she did a few random jobs. In between her jobs, she still found time to perform stand-up comedy.

Ambika Mod as Emma with her co-star Leo Woodwall aka Dex
Ambika Mod She grew up in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.(Source: Instagram)

While comedy was picking up for Ambika, she also got a few acting roles through her agent.

During the same time, This Is Going To Hurt came along which picked up her acting career to a whole new level.

The actress hopes she will still be doing things that excite her in the future. While her career in the industry is climbing to the top, she also wants to return to comedy and focus on writing.

As per Ambika, she has always wanted to be an actor since she was a child, but comedy swept her away.

In the meantime, her fans would definitely love to see her in her future endeavors.

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