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Is Ashley Avignone Pregnant? Kids And Family Details

Being friends with big stars, her recent famous appearance, and Taylor Swift have made people search for Ashley Avignone pregnant speculation.

Ashley Avignone, born on December 2, 1984, is a stylist and a friend of famous singer Taylor Swift.

She started her career as an assistant celebrity stylist but later started doing her own by signing a contract with The Wall Group agency.

After her signing, she designed many red-carpet dress styles for six years. But she moved on from that too.

She now runs her own company named “Avignone Studio” and does her styling with fashion brands on their projects.

Ashley, nowadays, not only does styling but also does interior design.

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Is Ashley Avignone Pregnant?

Ashley Avignone is not pregnant. There is nothing on her social media accounts that suggests to us that she is pregnant.

She has also never said anything in any interview that she is pregnant.

Her personal life details are not available in the public domain as she likes to keep her personal life details secret.

She is also not married to anyone and is also not in a relationship with anyone. She is single right now.

Despite the lack of information about her relationship, we still know that she has many friends in the Acting and Music industry.

Ashley Avignone pregnent
Ashley Avignone is a stylist. (Source: Instagram)

She has worked with many celebrities in the past and she is friends with some of them.

But her most famous friendship is with the multiple Grammy Awards-winning singer Taylor Swift.

Emma Stone was the one who introduced her to Taylor Swift after which they became best friends.

In 2019, she posted a birthday wish post for Taylor, referring to Taylor as her “Bestest friend”.

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Ashley Avignone Kids And Family Details

She does not have any kids. She has not been in a known relationship with anyone.

And none of her interviews nor her social media posts suggests that she has any kids.

Her life’s details and details about her parents are also a secret to everybody.

The only thing that is known about her childhood is that she was born in the city of Los Angeles, California. But later moved to Arizona when she got a bit older.

She currently lives in New York City and does her job in the fashion industry.

She has only posted a photo of her mother once on her Instagram. That is the only post she has posted about her parents.

Ashley Avignone kids
Ashley is close friends with many famous celebrities. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the lack of information, we believe that her parents have always inspired her and supported her on her journey.

Ashley recently appeared at the Super Bowl with her best friend Taylor Swift.

She appears regularly at the Super Bowl so it is not hard to grasp the information that she is a big fan of American Football.

In conclusion, Ashley Avignone pregnant rumours are not true. She is also in no relationship with anyone so, it is hard to believe that she is pregnant.

In her recent Super Bowl appearance, she had a beer-drinking race with Taylor Swift which is not an ideal thing to do for a pregnant woman.

This further adds to the proof that she is not pregnant.

The lack of marriage information and no posts related to the topic of her family is the thing that can be used as a reference to say that she does not have any kids.

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