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Audrii Cunningham Parents: Father Joshua Cunningham and Mother Cassie Matthews

A talk about Audrii Cunningham parents is spiralling over the internet as the eleven-year-old disappeared on 15 February.

Audrii Cunningham is an eleven-year-old girl who has been missing since 15th February 2024.

Police are continuously searching for the little girl and have taken a man into custody as a potential suspect.

It is believed that Audrill was walking to the bus stop from her home when she disappeared.

She used to walk to the bus station daily to attend her school. But on Thursday, her neighbor did not see her coming.

Her neighbor claims that Audrill used to go by her house daily, giving love and pets to her dog.

But Audrill did not walk by on Thursday, so the neighbor lady thought she was driven to the destination that day.

Her school also revealed that she did not catch the school bus on Thursday.

The distance between her house and the bus station is half a mile long.

Her family says she left her home to catch the bus at around seven in the morning.

Due to this police have come to the conclusion that she was taken between the house and the bus station.

A backpack likely to be of the child was found around a nearby lake.

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Who Are Audrii Cunningham Parents?

Audrii Cunningham’s father’s name is Joshua Cunningham and her mother’s name is Cassie Matthews.

Audrii was living with her father and grandmother until the day of her disappearance.

Audrii’s father and mother were living separately after their divorce. Her father, Joshua, had custody of her.

Her current family claims that she was loved and taken good care of.

But many people, as commonly do, do not believe this as her father used to hang out with the prime suspect.

Audrii Cunningham suspect case
Don Steven McDougal is the main suspect in the disappearance of Audrii. (source: Twitter)

The prime suspect in this case, Don Steven McDougal, is a friend of Audrii’s father.

However, the case was viewed by many people as a lack of care by her family because McDougal has a long criminal history.

McDougal has already been in jail two times and was also guilty of a case related to a child.

Due to these reasons, many people spread rumors about different theories on social media.

Later, Audrii’s family representative speaks to the media, saying not to spread rumors and not to talk about the things they don’t know.

He asked if they knew something about Audrii then just contact law enforcers and not spread rumors.

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Meet Audrii’s Mother Cassie Matthews

Audrii Cunningham’s mother’s name is Cassie Matthews. More information about Cassie is not available for the reason of her safety.

Some people are making huge controversy regarding her relationship with her former husband and her not being with Audrii at this stage of her life.

But people and media cannot conclude without the full context.

Audrii Cunningham family.
Audrii Cunningham’s mother, Cassie Matthews. (source: dailymail)

Audrii’s mother gave an interview after the disappearance of her daughter.

Cassie, in that interview, said that her family loves her and misses her very much. She also added that she wants her daughter to return home safely.

Cassie has also said in the same interview that she is not in good condition and wants her daughter back home immediately.

Audrii’s Father Joshua Cunningham

Joshua Cunningham is Audrii’s father, who lives with his daughter and his mother in Livingstone Texas.

However, the specific personal details about him and his background remain undisclosed.

Furthermore, based on media reports and the ongoing case, it appears that Joshua has a connection with the main suspect, Don Steven McDougal. The suspicion is that Audrii’s death might be related to Joshua’s friendship with McDougal.

However, Joshua has not shared information regarding his daughter’s case with the media.

Details about Joshua’s thoughts and perspective on his daughter’s case have not been made public as he continues to remain out of the spotlight amid the ongoing investigation.

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