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Crystal Hayslett Parents: Meet Father Jerry And Mother Anita Hayslett

Many people want to know about Crystal Hayslett parents as her “Get to Know Me!” video on YouTube gets popular.

Crystal Hayslett was born on October 18, 1982, in Martin, Tennessee, United States of America.

She is an actress and a costume designer. Additionally, she has also contributed to the music industry.

Crystal’s education includes a degree in Mass Communication and Public Relations.

She attended the University of Tennessee at Martin for her bachelor’s degree.

After graduating from university, she moved to the US’s capital city, Washington DC, where she worked for the United States Senate.

In 2010 she moved to Atalanta to pursue a career in music and acting and landed a role in a short film “This Time”.

She started working in the custom design department in 2013 and worked for Tyler Perry Studios.

Later in 2015, she was promoted to Tyler Perry as the custom designer and personal stylist.

During that time, the personal stylist to Tyler also appeared as a guest star in the TV series Sistas.

Now she is the regular star of the show.

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Who Are Crystal Hayslett Parents?

Crystal Hayslett has not mentioned her parents anywhere else except in one video she posted on June 2023.

In that, she talks about her childhood and parents and her growing up in the little city of Martin.

Her biological mother died due to a brain aneurysm when she was two years old.

Her father married her stepmother when she was five years of age.

She talks about her childhood as a restricting experience.

Crystal Hayslett parents
Crystal Hayslett worked as a custom designer for many TV series. (source: Instagram)

Crystal has also said that her childhood experience is not due to her parent’s ill intent but rather a thing that happens due to orthodox thinking.

She has also said that her parents wanted her to be good and happy but she did feel restricted and not free.

She also added that if she were ever to have a child, she wouldn’t raise them like she was raised by her parents.

In the same interview, she stated that her parents were very religious and she used to go to church every week.

But because of her childhood strictness, she became the one to make decisions in her life without being influenced by anyone.

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Meet Father Jerry And Mother Anita Hayslett

Crystal has not publicly talked about her parent’s details, like their names and profession.

But a YouTube video released under a channel named Anita Hayslett has details about the Hayslett family.

In this video, Anita talks about herself and also mentions her daughter Crystal Hayslett.

She talks about her husband, Jerry Hayslett, and how they met.

And talks about the details of how she worked in the church for many years.

These details exactly match the details Crystal talked about her stepmother on one of her YouTube videos.

She also mentions that she has been married to Jerry for thirty years.

Crystal Hayslett father
Crystal Hayslett left her job to pursue a career in acting. (source: Instagram)

Crystal uploaded a photo of her parents on Facebook and Anita was present.

Additionally in that Facebook post, many of her relatives referred to the couple as Anita and Jerry.

So, this confirms that they are her parents. Anita Hayslett is her stepmother and Jerry Hayslett is her biological father.

Anita worked for 30 years in the healthcare industry.

She is currently working as a respiratory therapist at a Baptist Memorial Hospital.

She also attended the University of Tennessee at Martin and got a bachelor’s degree in science in biology.

Crystal’s father, Jerry, has worked in a McCabe United Methodist church. They have two children Crystal and Travis.

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