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Dream And Tommyinnit Response To Wilbur Soot Drama And Apology: What Happened To Him?

People’s response to the allegations against Wilbur Soot was a mix of shock, disappointment, and calls for accountability.

Wilbur Soot, also known as William Gold, is a British YouTuber, musician, and Twitch streamer with a significant online presence.

He gained fame through his diverse content, spanning comedy, music, gaming, and vlogs.

Soot has been part of YouTube groups like “SootHouse” and participated in the “Dream SMP” Minecraft server.

Moreover, he is admired for his storytelling skills and role-playing on the “Dream SMP,” captivating a large audience.

Additionally, Soot’s music, characterized by folk and indie-pop influences, has garnered attention and praise from fans worldwide.

With his multifaceted talents, Wilbur Soot continues to engage and entertain audiences across various digital platforms.

However, recently he encountered accusations of abuse leveled by American YouTuber Shelby Shubble.

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What Happened To Wilbur Soot?

Wilbur Soot, a prominent figure in the YouTube and Twitch communities, faced allegations of abuse made by American YouTuber Shelby Shubble in February 2024.

In a livestream titled “talking about something more serious,” Shubble accused her anonymous British former partner of physical abuse.

She detailed instances of non-consensual biting and criticized his poor hygiene as part of her allegations.

Though she didn’t directly name Wilbur, many inferred him from their past relationship and his biting tendencies.

wilbur soot response

Wilbur Soot faced allegations of abuse made by his ex-girlfriend Shelby Shubble, which sparked widespread controversy. (Source: Instagram)

Following widespread discussion and condemnation online, Wilbur Soot personally responded to the allegations on February 27, 2024, issuing an apology on social media platforms.

He admitted to his actions, regretting for becoming “slobbish, disrespectful, and selfish” towards the end of his relationship with Shelby.

However, he contended that the biting incidents were consensual, playful, and mutually enjoyed, although he acknowledged the pain he caused.

Many fans found his response inadequate, with some feeling that it prioritized his perspective over Shubble’s experiences.

The fallout from these allegations and Wilbur’s response continue to affect his reputation and standing within the online community.

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Dream And Tommyinnit Response To Wilbur Soot Drama And Apology

Tommy Innit and Dream, prominent figures in the YouTube and Minecraft communities, responded to the controversy surrounding Wilbur Soot’s allegations.

Dream expressed sympathy towards the alleged victim, acknowledging the distress caused to Shelby by the circumstances.

He emphasized the importance of acknowledging Shelby’s experience and supporting her.

Additionally, TommyInnit, after a week of silence, finally addressed the issue on social media, stating that he would discuss it when emotionally ready.

He urged his followers to direct their love and support towards Shelby. Both responses have been eagerly awaited by the community due to their close ties with Wilbur and Shelby.

wilbur soot response
People’s responses to the controversy varied widely, reflecting the diverse opinions and emotions. (Source: Instagram)

TommyInnit’s post quickly gained traction on social media, indicating the community’s interest in his perspective.

The allegations against Wilbur, made by Shelby during a Twitch live stream, have sparked widespread discussion within the Minecraft YouTube community.

They include accusations of physical abuse, notably non-consensual biting, adding gravity to the situation.

Dream and TommyInnit’s responses contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding accountability and support for victims of abuse within online communities.

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