Has Missing 3 Years Old Elijah Vue Been Found? Kidnapping Case

Elijah Vue Found?
Elijah Vue

Has a three-year-old boy from the Two Rivers community, Elijah Vue been Found? The public has been inquiring about this since his disappearance on February 20, 2024.

Elijah, a three-year-old from the Two Rivers Community, disappeared on February 20, 2024. A caregiver saw him at a residence on Tuesday morning.

As per the FBI’s statement, Elijah is approximately 45 pounds, stands at about 3 feet tall, and has sandy hair, brown eyes, and a birthmark on his left knee.

He was last spotted in Two Rivers, a city situated around 30 miles southeast of Green Bay.

On Wednesday morning, the Two Rivers Police Department confirmed that the search for Elijah was ongoing, with no immediate updates available.

The people of the Two Rivers community are assisting both the police department and Elijah’s parents in the search efforts.

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Has Elijah Vue Been Found?

According to the media and search parties looking for Elijah, there hasn’t been an immediate update on finding Elijah Vue.

However, community members have conveyed their emotions to the media, urging for a prompt search for Elijah.

Linda Vue, Elijah’s aunt, recently expressed her sadness regarding her nephew in a statement to the media.

Elijah Vue Found?
Elijah’s aunt, Linda Vue, spoke with WISN 12 News reporter Kendall Keys on Wednesday. ( Source: Wearegreenbay)

Linda disclosed in the media that she hadn’t been in touch with Elijah’s mother and her nephew for a while, but she rushed as soon as she heard the news.

Linda Vue said Elijah’s relatives came from Green Bay and Appleton to help search for him.

“Hoping for the best outcome of this whole entire situation. At this point, we’re not getting a lot of information,” Vue said, “We are being in constant contact with law enforcement, too. They’re not sharing a lot of information with us.”

The Two Rivers Police Department has also organized a search party in an effort to rescue Elijah.

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Elijah Vue  Kidnapping Case

Due to the lack of updated information from the Two Rivers Police Department, rumors about Elijah’s kidnapping have started circulating.

However, there hasn’t been an official statement from the police confirming Elijah’s abduction.

Two Rivers Police Chief Ben Meinnert led the media briefing and wanted to ensure the public that the department is doing everything it can to bring Vue home safely.

“We urge anyone with any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, please come share that with law enforcement,” sadid Meinnert. “Every piece of information could be key to bringing Elijah home.”

Elijah Vue Kidnapping Case
The 3900 block of Mishicot Road in Two Rivers is the last place where three-year-old Elijah Vue was seen by his caregiver on February 21, 2024. Source: (Fox11news)

Additionally, law enforcement continues the search for Elijah, who was last observed in the 3900 block of Mishicot Road in Two Rivers at approximately 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

The police department is urging all community members to share any information they may have on this matter and has requested them to keep Elijah in their prayers for a safe rescue.

Officials request residents to inspect structures, vehicles, or hidden spaces on their properties. Individuals with doorbell cameras are also urged to review their footage to check for any signs of Elijah.

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Community’s Prayers For Elijah Vue

Community members and loved ones of Elijah gathered here after another day of searching for the little boy.

Candles lit up Saint Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church’s parking lot, uniting community members to support Elijah.

Each candle represents a shared prayer for Elijah’s safe return.

 Prayers For Elijah
So many emotions were shared Wednesday night, of both worry and hope, at the vigil for Elijah Vue. ( Source:abcnews)

Tori Weaver, the organizer of the vigil, hopes Elijah can feel the community’s prayers for his safety.

Determined community members stand together, staying hopeful during this challenging time.

Lastly, everyone is actively searching and hoping for Elijah’s safe well-being.

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