Etika Religion: Was Desmond Daniel Amofah Muslim Or Christian? Ethnicity And Origin

Etika religion
Etika was a well-known YouTuber (Source: Rolling Stone)

Etika religion is a matter of interest for many of his fans and followers. The late YouTuber, whose real name was Desmond Daniel Amofah, had a complex and controversial relationship with faith and spirituality. 

Etika was a well-known YouTuber who took his own life at the age of 29 in 2019. Desmond Amofah, known online as Etika, suffered from mental illness, which eventually resulted in suicide.

Etika went through a severe manic episode in the months before his death. He made it public through unsettling recordings and tweets showing unpredictable behavior.

Because of his work on YouTube and streaming, he was exposed to many fan comments. Some people close to him believe it eventually led to a decline in his mental health.

He apparently confided in loved ones who were attempting to help him with his feelings of melancholy, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts in the days leading up to his death.

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Etika Religion: Was Desmond Daniel Amofah Muslim Or Christian?

According to some Reddit posts, Etika aka Desmond Daniel Amofah was not religious. As per his followers, in his last video, he mentioned that he does not believe in after afterlife.

Followingly, one of them also mentioned that he recalls Etika saying he does not believe in god.

However, he expressed his view about himself and those involved in his community gods as a way to express his belief that individuals could create.

Apart from that there is no mention of his religion on the Internet, including his Wikipedia. Etika was born on May 12, 1990, in Brooklyn, New York, to Owuraku Amofah and Sabrina Amofah.

Etika was struggling with mental health before his death
Etika was struggling with mental health before his death. (Source: Sun)

Growing up, he did not spend much time with his father as he was a Ghanaian politician and lawyer from Kibi. Etika was best known for posting reaction videos to Nintendo Direct.

In addition, he streamed on Twitch, modeled, and rapped before aging fame as a YouTuber.

Ethnicity And Origin Of Etika

Etika was of mixed ancestry, as an per online source, his father is from Ghana while his mother is from Haiti.

Moreover, when he took the ancestry DNA test, the result showed he had French ancestry and many others. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he spent all his life there.

Etika took his own life when he was just rising to fame with his videos on YouTube. Because of this, there is very little information about the late social media star on the Internet.

Erika, a young YouTuber who struggled with his online fame
Erika is a young YouTuber who struggled with his online fame. (Source: New York Times)

He attended the public school Shell Bank Junior High School for one year. Etika’s mother had to pull him out of the school because of his repeated fighting with other students.

Later, he attended Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (SLJ), a small law-themed college preparatory public high school.

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How Did Erika Die?

Erika tragically took his own life on June 19, 2019, following a period of mental illness.

It’s evident from watching his older videos from 2014–15 that he had been having difficulties for some time.

He did this by calling himself the “Anti-Christ” and said that he “brings death to all human life.” Etika was also detained by the police and even had to go to the mental hospital.

Back in 2018, he deleted all of his videos and started posting pornography on his channel. This resulted in the permanent termination of his channel.

Followingly, in April 2019, he posted a suicidal post on his social media, which was just two months before his tragic death.

He had released an apologetic video before his passing, in which he acknowledged experiencing suicidal thoughts and fighting mental illness.

On June 24, the authorities found his dead body in the water beneath the Manhattan Bridge in New York.

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