How Did Hydeia Broadbent Get Aids? Illness And Health Update

Hydeia Broadbent Health
Hydeia Loren Broadbent was born in 1984, an American HIV/AIDS activist with undiagnosed HIV.

A long-time advocate and HIV/AIDS survivor since her early years, Hydeia Broadbent, drew people’s interest and admiration.

Hydeia Loren Broadbent was born in 1984, an American HIV/AIDS activist with undiagnosed HIV.

Loren and Patricia Broadbent first took her up as a foster child, and they eventually adopted her.

Broadbent discovered Hydeia was HIV positive in 1987. Since her birth mother left her in a hospital in Las Vegas, not much is known about her mother.

Another kid was born at the same hospital to Hydeia’s biological mother three years later, and she, too left him there.

Both the mother and the child were tested for HIV because it was mandatory at the time, and the results were positive.

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How Did Hydeia Broadbent Get Aids?

Hydeia Broadbent, who was well-known for advocating for early awareness-raising to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, passed away at the age of 39.

She represented children living with HIV/AIDS in America, particularly in the African American community.

Her father, Loren Broadbent, verified her untimely death on Tuesday in a Facebook posting,
but he kept the cause of death a secret.

Hydeia Broadbent passing
The groundbreaking AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent passed away at the age of 39. (Source: Essence)

Broadbent was identified as having HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, at the age of three.

Her mother, an IV drug user, left her at the hospital, passing on the sickness, and doctors estimated she wouldn’t survive past the age of five.

However, with the support of her adoptive parents, Broadbent was already telling her tale in public by the time she was six years old.

She’s appeared nationally many times to raise HIV awareness, including on Nickelodeon with Magic Johnson and on Oprah.

“In the 1992 special, Broadbent expressed, with tears in his eyes, “I want people to know that we’re just regular folks.”

At the Republican National Convention in 1996, Broadbent made the well-known statement, “I am the future, and I have AIDS.”

Her family’s memoir, You Get Past the Tears: A Memoir of Love and Survival, was released in 2002 and detailed their experiences.

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Hydeia Broadbent Illness And Health Update

Today, we remember HIV/AIDS activist, educator, and survivor Hydeia Broadbent, who died of natural causes in her sleep on February 20th.

HIV was circulating in Hydeia Broadbent’s veins from birth, invading her white blood cells and weakening her immune system.

Three years later, when her brother and biological mother tested positive for the virus, her adoptive parents would learn the truth.

It was 1987, six years after the first 159 Americans were struck down by an enigmatic illness that would soon be identified as AIDS.

When Broadbent was just three years old, he was used as a test subject for an HIV treatment.

Hydeia Broadbent Illness
Activist Hydeia Broadbent spread awareness and ‘positivity’ for decades despite the health battle. (Source: The US Sun)

According to Broadbent, who saw more children die from HIV complications than survive them, deaths were the norm back then.

According to her, she even “coded couple times,” which translates to “died and came back.” “I’ve had brain infections, blood infections,” she stated.

In addition to taking several vitamins and three antiviral medications daily, Broadbent maintains her physical health. She gets stomach cramps and migraines from the medicines.

However, the medications may become less effective against the erratic virus if she skips a dosage.

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