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How Old Is Dilly In Hollyoaks? Age And Wikipedia

Many fans have been wondering how old is Dilly in Hollyoaks. Dilly, played by Emma Johnsey-Smith, arrived in the show in July 2023. 

Spoiler Alert: Emma Johnsey-Smith joined the cast of Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks as Dilly Harcourt. Meanwhile, her character will be showcasing many unexpected turns in the show.

Hollyoaks’ Dilly has been exposed and now she might want to keep an eye on herself after deceiving Sienna Blake.

It was recently made public that Dilly and her covert spouse Rafe Harcourt had a mysterious motive for pursuing Sienna.

While Rafe was Sienna’s romantic interest, Dilly had joined the program as his sister. Dilly, who killed Rafe a while ago, is also on the radar of police in connection with her husband’s death.

While the daily soap takes unexpected yet interesting turns, fans are keen to learn about Dilly.

How Old Is Dilly In Hollyoaks? Her Age

Dilly Hollyoaks has garnered a huge fanbase in a short period. While fans are amazed by her fabulous work, many have wondered how old is Dilly in Hollyoaks.

While we don’t the age of Dilly, the actress Emma Johnsey-Smith who portrays the role recently turned 25, as per her Instagram post.

On 14th January 2024, Emma posted a picture of her and her sister Jodie celebrating her early 25th birthday. The actress was actually born on the 23rd of January.

Emma found huge fame through Hollyoaks as this is her first regular role on television. Moreover, she hopes that her character does not come to an end anytime soon.

Emma as Dilly in daily soap Hollyoaks
Emma as Dilly in the daily soap Hollyoaks (Source: Digital Spy)

During one of the interviews, Emma mentioned that Dilly is very fun to play. The actress also added every time she gets the script, she looks for her “witty one-liners”.

While Emma is enjoying her role as Dilly, fans are hooked with her savage lines especially when she is against Sienna. Her character has taken an even more interesting turn as her acting is coming to light.

It appears that Dilly will make it through the autumn, as previous teases have shown her attempting to escape and seeing glimpses of the deceased villain Patrick.

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Explore Dilly AKA Emma Johnsey-Smith Wikipedia

Emma Johnsey-Smith, who plays Dilly in Hollyoaks, has yet to have her own Wikipedia page. As she has just been on her first regular show, there is not much information about her.

With her growing popularity as Dilly, she has accumulated over 4k followers on her Instagram. As per social media, Emma is quite close to her sister Jodie Johnsey-Smith.

When she is not working, she loves to hang out with her sister and travel around and go on vacation. Going through her Instagram, is it safe to assume that she loves to travel.

Going through her old feeds, she is dating someone named Worcester Bawden. He has posted several pictures of each other on his social media.

While he is not from the entertainment industry, Bawden is a professional hockey player. Apart from that, the couple seems to be together for a while now.

Bawden first posted a picture of him and Emma in March 2020. On the other hand, the actress first posted him in October of 2022.

Worcester posted a cute picture of him with Emma
Worcester posted a cute picture of him with Emma (Source: Instagram)

The actress has not detailed much about her personal life on her social media account. It seems she wants to maintain privacy about her life behind the camera.

As of now, fans will get to enjoy her fabulous work as Dilly on the daily soap, Hollyoaks. With her growing popularity, she might open up more about herself to her fans in the future.

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