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Did Jacob Rothschild Have Cancer? Illness And Health Issue

The queries of Jacob Rothschild cancer rumors surfaced as the news of his demise came online.  The financier and member of the Rothschild banking family passed at the age of 87. 

Financier and philanthropist Jacob of the renowned Rothschild banking dynasty passed away on Monday, 2/26/2024. Back in 1963, he started his career in the family bank, NM Rothschild & Sons.

Later on, he broke away and started a new business alongside charitable organizations. His family released a statement on Monday referring to him as a towering presence in many people’s lives.

Renowned as a generous man, he launched his own wealth management fund.

Furthermore, the statement added he was a superbly accomplished financier and a champion of the arts and culture.

As the sudden news of the finance surfaced, many people wanted to know how did that happen. Some even assumed that he might have cancer.

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Did Jacob Rothschild Have Cancer?

While the family stated the news of his demise, they have yet to reveal the reason. At the moment, there is no history of Rothschild having cancer.

Even though people are keen to learn how he passed away, we should respect the privacy of the family at the time of loss. He was a loved father, grandfather, and friend.

Jacob Rothschild cancer
The philanthropist and financier Jacob Rothschild died at the age of 87 (Source: The New York Times)

He was a seventh-generation heir of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also paid him a tribute calling him a  “towering figure in Britain’s Jewish community”.

Furthermore, Blair also praised Rothschild’s work for advancing peace in the Middle East. He was born in Berkshire, west of London, and went to Eton College.

Followingly,  he studied history at Christ Church College, Oxford University. In 1980, he co-founded the J Rothschild Assurance Group, now St James’s Place, with Mark Weinberg.

Rothschild also was deputy chairman at what was then BSkyB Television. Even though he has passed away, he left his legacy behind for his loved ones.

Jacob Rothschild Illness And Health Issues

There are no records of Jacob Rothschild having any health issues or illness, on the internet. The renowned businessman never spoke about personal matters on the Internet.

Rothschild was married to his late wife, Serena, for 50 years. She sadly passed away in 2019, according to the information.

The couple welcomed four children Hannah, Beth, Emily, and Nat. Their grandchildren stay away from the spotlight.

Jacob Rothschild illness
Jacob Rothschild with his late wife, lady Serena Rothschild, who passed away in 2019. (Source: Facebook)

They had built their home together at Pewsey, Wiltshire. Further, they also had a villa on the Greek island of Corfu.

Both husband and wife worked in many charitable and humanitarian organizations. His wife was a Vice President of the Wiltshire Blind Association.

She sadly passed away at the age of 83 on 13 January 2019 following a short illness.

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Inside The Life Of Jacob Rothschild

Studied at Eton College, he became a partner in N.M. Rothschild & Sons four years. His family runs a bank and its corporate finance department.

The Rothschild banking dynasty goes all the way back to Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Amschel, born in 1744, was a rare coin dealer who advised German aristocrats on their finances.

To flourish his business, Rothschild sent his five sons to major European cities to do business. Moreover, he was also the first to venture abroad when he arrived on English shores.

Back to Jacob Rothschild stepped down as RIT’s chairman in 2019 through his daughter, Hannah.

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