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Joey Graziadei Birth Chart: Zodiac Sign And Birthday

The new star of The Bachelor season 28, Joey Graziadei birth chart, has caught the attention of many fans who are interested in his personality and compatibility.

Viewers know Joey Graziadei from The Bachelorette season 20, who went through a heartbreaking elimination.

Now, Graziadei has been selected as The Bachelor season 28’s next big star.

On The Bachelor, twenty-five guys were vying for Charity Lawson’s heart, and Joey was one of the fortunate suitors.

While he didn’t win Charity’s heart in the season finale, he has another chance of finding love in the next season of The Bachelor.

Charity disclosed that she finally decided to become engaged to Dotun Otolenko as Joey proposed to her.

It was obvious that Charity and Joey loved and respected each other, and they could have a lasting friendship.

Now that Joey Graziadei is seen in The Bachelor season 28, his fans are searching for the birth chart.

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Joey Graziadei Birth Chart: Zodiac Sign And Birthday

Joey Graziadei was born on May 24, 1995. As per his birth date, he holds the zodiac sign Gemini.

His Bachelorette promo states that he currently resides in Kauai, Hawaii.

As per his LinkedIn profile, he graduated from Spring-Ford High School in Royersford, Pennsylvania.

In a post, he announced that he would be moving to the tropical state, aka Hawaii, for a new chapter of his life.

Joey Graziadei birth chart
The reality star Joey Graziadei is now on upcoming The Bachelor season 28 (Source: Instagram)

Going through his Instagram account, he is very close to his family. The reality star often shares pictures with his loved ones.

When Joey is not filming or playing some sports, he likes to travel around. You can also see lots of his snaps from his hiking.

Apart from sports and traveling, Joey loves country music. He made it clear, as his ABC bio states, that he has recently become obsessed with country music.

Before landing his life on the reality shows, he worked in Nashville from 2021-22.

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Inside Joey Graziadei’s Life

Joey Graziadei is super close to his parents and his family. His parents split their ways when he was still young.

However, his parents were good at co-parenting and making their family a happy space.

That is why even though it did not work out for his parents, it does not take away romance for him.

In The Bachelor, Joey told Charity that his dad came out as gay, and eventually his parents got divorced.

He also added that he previously asked his father if he was okay with Joey sharing the story in the show.

Joey Graziadei two sisters
An old picture of Joey Graziadei with his two sisters. (Source: Instagram)

He has an older sister named Carly Monzo and another sister named Ellie Graziadei. The siblings are really close to each other and often post snaps of them on social media.

His ‘The Bachelor’ profile shows that the reality star loves playing tennis and even teaches it. While he was on the show, he spent some time playing the game with Lawson.

It is not only tennis for Joey, he loves being outdoorsy. He also enjoys star-gazing, golf courses, hiking, waterfalls, and other outdoor stuff.

On the show, he described himself as outgoing, friendly and loyal. Even though Joey did not end up with a partner on the show, he wooed the audience’s heart with his personality.

Fans are excited to get more of him on the new season of The Bachelor where he will be going on a journey of finding love.

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