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Kenneth Mitchell Ethnicity And Religion: Wife Susan May Pratt And Family Details

Kenneth Mitchell’s ethnicity and religion became a hot topic following the announcement of his passing, as he was an actor who kept the details of his personal life confidential.

Actor Kenneth Alexander Mitchell was born in Canada on November 25, 1974, and passed away on February 24, 2024.

He’s known for his roles in “Jericho” (2006–2008) and “Star Trek: Discovery” (2017–2021) and appeared in “Captain Marvel” (2019) and “Miracle” (2004).

In “Miracle” (2004), Mitchell played Ralph Cox alongside Kurt Russell.

Mitchell played Eric Green in “Jericho,” which was canceled by CBS in 2007 but later rescheduled for 2007–08 due to fan support.

As Deke Slayton, Mitchell was chosen for the 2014 season of ABC’s drama television series The Astronaut Wives Club.

Star Trek: Discovery cast Mitchell in three recurring Klingon roles: Kol from season 1; Kol-Sha, Kol’s father; and Tenavik from season 2. Additionally, he made an appearance in season 3 as Aurelio.

A character whose use of a wheelchair-like contraption paralleled Mitchell’s own circumstances due to his increasing ALS diagnosis.

Lou Gehrig’s disease, often known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), was officially diagnosed in February 2020 for Mitchell.

Starting in October 2019, he was reliant on a power wheelchair.

The illness had caused Mitchell to lose his voice by August 2021, and on February 24, 2024, he passed on.

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Kenneth Mitchell Ethnicity And Religion

Many peoples want to know what is Kenneth Mitchell ethnicity, nationality, Ancestry & Race. As per public resources, his ethnicity is not known.

While information about his ethnicity is not widely available, he is of Canadian nationality.

Regarding his religion, there is no publicly disclosed information about his religious beliefs or affiliations.

His religion is not publicly known, but he tweeted that he was “spiritual but not religious” in 2018.

Kenneth Metchell Ethnicity
Kenneth Metchell’s details about his ethnicity and religion may not be readily accessible. (Source: Famous)

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Kenneth Mitchell’s ethnicity or religion publicly available.

He has not spoken extensively about these aspects of his personal life in interviews or public statements.

Mitchell prefers to keep his private life private, prioritizing his acting career and professional pursuits.

As a result, specific details about his ethnicity or religious background remain largely undisclosed.

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Kenneth Mitchell: Wife Susan May Pratt And Family Details

Actress Susan May Pratt and Mitchell tied the knot in May 2006. Their son was born in 2012, and their daughter was born in 2007.

He leaves behind his parents, David and Diane, his brother Sean, and their kids, Lilah and Kallum.

Also, his parents, brother, and other family members posted on his Instagram on February 25, expressing their grief and gratitude for his life and legacy.

Kenneth Susan
Kenneth Mitchell has passed away at the age of 49 after bravely battling ALS for five years. (Source: TimesNow)

Mitchell penned an article titled “Connect,” also featured in the obituary.

Susan May Pratt has gained recognition for her roles in films such as “10 Things I Hate About You,” “Drive Me Crazy,” and “Center Stage.”

Kenneth Mitchell and Susan May Pratt have built a private life together. They have children but prefer to keep their family details undisclosed.

As a result, there isn’t much detailed information about Mitchell’s family life beyond his marriage to Susan May Pratt.

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