Leah Weckert Salary And Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is Coles Supermarkets CEO?

Leah Weckert
Leah Weckert

The newly appointed CEO of Coles supermarket, Leah Weckert salary is spiralling around the internet due to a huge spike in profit in the latest time of Coles Supermarket.

Leah Weckert is the current CEO and Managing director of an Australian public company’s supermarket Coles supermarket.

She became the CEO and managing director on May 1, 2023.

Leah joined Coles in 2011 and served in senior roles in various departments across the Coles group before becoming CEO of Coles Supermarket.

Leah education qualifications include a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), and a Bachelor of Science.

She received her Masters degree from Harvard Business School, and her Bachelor’s degrees are from Adelaide University.

Leah Weckert was born in Adelaide, Australia and also raised there.

Her father had a grain and fodder store and her mother was a primary school teacher.

Weckert is married and has two children.

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Leah Weckert Salary And Net Worth 2024

Leah Weckert, the CEO of Coles Supermarket, has an insane salary.

Her salary is a whopping two million dollars plus other facilities and incentives annually.

Leah is one of the highest-earning female CEOs among many other Australian companies.

Her full financial details are not available on the Internet but it is rumoured that she earned more than two million dollars.

Leah also has some shares in the Coles groups so for sure her earning was not only limited to salary.

Based on the profit of the company, she must have earned a couple more than just two million dollars.

Hence her net worth from the appointment till now is over three million dollars.

Leah Weckert salary
Leah Weckert did her first job at her age of fourteen. (source: Twitter)

Also being the female CEO of Coles Supermarket after one hundred and nine years is not a small feat.

Coles chairman James Graham has praised his company’s latest appointed CEO by saying her professional and personal quality makes her the perfect CEO.

Leah also revealed that she is honoured to be the CEO of the Coles supermarket.

But growing up Leah wanted to be an astronaut.

She also wanted to be a professional flautist at one point in her life.

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How Rich Is Coles Supermarkets CEO?

Leah Weckert’s wealth is available in the public domain. She has never revealed her wealth to any public platform.

Based only on her earnings, we can say safely that she is at least a millionaire.

She has been working at Coles since she was twenty-two.

She is a very disciplined woman and likes to strictly follow her daily routine.

Moreover, her daily routine includes work and exercise along with at least one hour of no business and no mum time.

Leah Weckert CEO
Leah Weckert likes to enjoy her free time with her family. ( source: Twitter)

She also has revealed that she likes to watch the periodic drama shows.

Leah has also revealed that her first job, at the age of fourteen, was working as a pharmacy assistant.

She had come a long way from there due to sheer hard work and a disciplined lifestyle.

Leah has revealed in an interview that her teenage was not easy as she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

She completed high school by wearing a fibreglass body brace and was in pain.

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