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Love Is Blind Kenneth Gorham Wikipedia: Career And Family Background

Kenneth Gorham Wikipedia is what people are searching for right now because he is one of the lovely people who has also not been involved in any controversies during his time in the Love Is Blind TV series.

Love is Blind is a TV series that follows a social experiment. The experiment is simply to make a single man and woman date before seeing each other.

This show is particularly famous because of the interesting cast members and their interesting story.

Love Is Blind is also famous for making its cast famous and gaining many followers.

One of the cast members for the latest season of Love Is Blind is Kenneth Gorham.

But Kenneth was already famous because of his being on the news some time ago.

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Kenneth Gorham Wikipedia

Kenneth Gorham was born on September 12, 1996, in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America.

He works as a principal in a middle school at Movement Middle School, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kenneth is the youngest person ever to become the principal of a middle school.

Right now, the average age for people to become the principal at a middle school is 48, so, it is a remarkable feat for someone of his age.

In 2019, Kenneth graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, an HBCU.

His educational qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Kenneth Gorham Family
Kenneth is the youngest middle school principal. (source: Instagram)

He participated in the Love Is Blind TV series for season six and was one of the show’s beloved cast.

In the show, Kenneth got engaged to Brittany and went to the next stage of the show.

Kenneth is a religious person.

He has said that he always prioritizes god and family before anything else.

Kenneth Gorham has also said in his introduction to the show that he has made peace with the past and is ready to love again.

So, it means he might have had some past loves and might not have ended in his favour.

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Kenneth Gorham Family Background

Kenneth has not revealed much information about his childhood and his family.

But some of the information he shares is truly valuable.

He said that his mother died when he was twelve, which has changed his life.

Kenneth has also revealed that he was bullied and was looked at differently in school just because he was black.

These incidents were heartbreaking for him and he was emotionally broken.

But despite all these difficulties and hurdles during his childhood, he said he did complete his education with great courage.

Kenneth Gorham wikipedia
Kenneth Gorham was only 24 when he was appointed as principal. (source: Instagram)

He especially thanks his mother for increasing his courage and confidence.

Kenneth has also revealed that despite being bullied at school, his house nothing even close to that.

He grew up in a loving family and atmosphere.

So, all of this information revealed by Kenneth clearly shows that his family were very educated and lovely people.

They provided everything he needed, including mental support, during his difficult childhood school period.

His main motivation for becoming the principal of a middle school is to ensure no child has to suffer the same issues he suffered during his childhood.

And being the youngest principal of middle school in the history of the United States of America, he is going places.

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