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Painting Of The Week: 89

The featured painting of week 89 is “Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay” by Frederick Horsman Varley, created in 1921. It is an oil painting on canvas that measures 132.6 x 162.8 cm and is present in the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

During a recent lunchtime stroll along Oxford Street for errands, I encountered strong winds and rain. Amidst the weather’s force, I noticed a stray umbrella tumbling down the street towards Regent’s Street, reminiscent of tumbleweed. While Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay by Frederick Horsman Varley didn’t immediately come to mind, I felt akin to a buffeted pine tree amidst the elements.

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The Impact Of The Canadian Group Of Seven

Influenced by the likes of Tom Thomson and Varley, one of the artists from the Canadian Group of Seven ventured into the untamed Canadian wilderness that was previously deemed uninspiring for art. Criticized by some as “garish” and “freakish,” they were pioneers in both their exploration and artistic style.

Their painting “Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay” for painting of the week 89, combines elements of late impressionism and expressionism, capturing the wild beauty of nature with vibrant colors and dynamic shapes. Despite the tumultuous scene of whipping winds and white water, sunlight still illuminates the landscape, offering a poignant portrayal of nature’s vastness and unpredictability. This piece is arguably the pinnacle of the Group’s achievements.

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