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Posing for Posterity

Royal Indian Portraits, 1840-1932.

Pramod Kumar’s latest book, “Posing for Posterity: Royal Indian Portraits,” investigates the intriguing intersection between traditional miniature artworks in India and the emergence of photography. The advent of this new medium enticed court painters and patrons, leading to Maharajas of Jaipur, Tripura, and Chamba becoming photographers themselves.

The early photographs captured Indian rulers and their families in different poses, mirroring the formality and constraints of court life while revealing a subtle sense of youthful boredom.

Here is a collection of child portraits from the book, capturing an underlying sense of youthful boredom.

Posing for Posterity
Royal Indian Portraits is a book by Pramod Kumar KG, published in 2014, that features a collection of photographs of Indian rulers and their families.
Posing for Posterity
Posing for Posterity explores the history and culture of India through the lens of photography, and how it influenced the art of portraiture.

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