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Rae Lewis Thornton Husband: Was She Married? Kids And Family

Rae Lewis-Thornton is a remarkable woman who has been living with AIDS for almost 40 years. Many people wonder about Rae Lewis Thornton husband and how their relationship was affected by her condition.

Rae Lewis Thornton was born on May 22, 1962, in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

She is an AIDS Activist, Author, and Public Speaker and even has an Emmy Award for her role as AIDS Activist.

Rae graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

After initially attending college in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, she transferred to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

Rae’s education qualification includes a Master of Divinity Degree. Despite not being very good at school, she found motivation for her higher education.

She was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 after she donated blood. She said she got HIV because she practiced unprotected sex during that time.

Her initial thought about HIV/AIDS was that it was a white male gay disease. Since a lot of people at that time used to be in relationships with both men and women.

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Rae Lewis Thornton Husband: Was She Married?

Rae Lewis is an award-winning activist, author, blogger, and jewelry designer. She has also been married and divorced.

However, she currently does not have a husband but was married at one point in her life.

She got married to Kenneth Thornton in August 1994 after her health due to AIDS started getting worse.

In an interview, she revealed that at that time, she really thought she was going to die. And her main motive for marrying was to make sure she wouldn’t die alone.

She wanted at least someone to watch over her before she died mainly because she never had a family.

Moreover, her mother was constantly moving between relationships and married at least three people in her life.

Rae Lewis Thornton friend
Rae Lewis Thornton with the late Hydeia Broadbent. (Source: Instagram)

She left her home after she got home sixteen minutes late and her family put her out. After which she said she had never gone back home and started living with her girlfriend.

So it was obvious that she was lonely at that time before she married.

Rae and Kenneth divorced four years after their marriage. Futher, the main reason for the divorce was Rae’s health declined drastically, which the couple couldn’t handle.

She revealed in the same interview that she never looked back after divorce.

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Rae Lewis Thornton’s Kids And Family Status

Rae Lewis was diagnosed with AIDS before she even got married. And her marriage did not have any intention of having kids.

Before her marriage, too, she did not have any kids in her life. So, she never had kids.

Rae revealed that her parents were heroin addicts and her grandparents took her when she was three.

Her father died when she was about five and her grandfather died when she was six. Due to this, she said she never found love in her family.

After her mother married another man, she said her new family mentally and physically harassed her. This was the reason she left her family.

Rae Lewis Thornton husband
Rae has survived over forty years of her life with HIV. (Source: Twitter)

Before moving out, her family was no longer with her since she never went home and had kids.

So, right now it seems like she is enjoying her life as a single and does not have her own family.

Rae has survived over forty years with HIV/AIDS, a disease that was believed back in the initial days to be instantly fatal.

She has motivated many people, and despite having major difficulties in life, she never gave up on life, which is very inspirational.

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