Is Survivor 46 Q Burdette Gay? Girlfriend And relationship Timeline

Survivor 46 Q Burdette gay
Survivor 46 Contestant a real state agent and an athlete Quintavius Burdette.( Source: The rebel walk)

Q Burdette Gay rumors circulating on social media have sparked speculation and interest surrounding Survivor 46 contestant Q Burdette. This has led to discussions and curiosity about his relationship status.

The standout competitor on Survivor 46, Quintavius Burdette, has grabbed the audience’s interest with his charming personality.

Quintavius “Q” Burdette is a former football and track and field star at Ole Miss.

He currently serves as the number two real estate agent in the country.

Quintavius was born on  March 8, 1994, in Senatobia, United States. Burdette is      30 years old as of 2024.

Burdette was the first in his large family to go to college. He studied at the University of Mississippi.

While at Ole Miss, he played as a wide receiver for the football team and also participated in track and field events from 2012 to 2015.

After finishing college, he mentioned that he first tried to join the Giants football team and studied for a Master’s degree in Accounting.

However, he eventually found his passion in real estate, realizing that he wasn’t suited for a desk job.

As Survivor Season 46 progresses, fans are excited to see how Q Burdette’s journey unfolds.

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Is Survivor 46 Q Burdette Gay?

Quintavius “Q” Burdette is not publicly known to be gay. He is married to his beautiful wife Emily Burdette.

Usually, when someone becomes famous, people become curious about their personal life, including their sexuality.

However, it’s not right to guess or make assumptions about someone’s sexuality without any evidence.

When Quintavius started appearing on TV, people started to look him up online.

Survivor 46 Q Burdette gay
Q Burdette, a reality show contestant on Survivor 46. (Source: Goldderby)

Burdette decided to take a break from the real estate world and head over to compete in the newest season of “Survivor.”

Quintaviu’s sexual orientation, whether he identifies as gay, straight, bisexual, or any other orientation is not been officially disclosed.

Meanwhile, fans should focus on celebrating Quintavius for his skills, achievements, and the good he does in the world, both on and off the screen.

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Q Burdette Girlfriend and Relationship Timeline

Quintavius and Emily tied the knot on July 18, 2020. The married pair has had an incredible journey together.

The couple have shared numerous dating photos together on their Instagram.

Judging by their shared memories the couple might have been each other’s highschool sweethearts.

Survivor 46 Q Burdette gay
Survivor 46 contestant Q Burdette and his wife Emily have been together since July 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Emily Engelken isn’t just Quintavius Burdette’s wife; she’s a remarkable person in her own regard, contributing depth and liveliness to their relationship.

With her teaching experience and commitment to helping the community, Emily brings a special point of view and important ideas to their shared journey.

Emily being in Quintavius’s life makes him feel stronger and supported. Their partnership is filled with love, understanding, and respect for each other.

As a team, they gracefully tackle life’s hurdles, celebrating victories and facing challenges together with determination.

As they look forward to welcoming their first child this year, their connection gets stronger, and they become more excited about starting a new part of their lives together.

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