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Is Survivor 46 Randen Montalvo Gay Rumor True? Girlfriend And Relationship

Social media rumors about Survivor 46 Randen Montalvo’s sexuality have generated interest and speculation regarding whether he is gay. The viewers would love to know if he has a partner/girlfriend. 

The popular reality competition series, Survivor, is back with its 46th season. The long-running show where Jeff Probst appears as the host is welcoming 18 contestants to the islands of Fiji.

They will be competing against each other in a series of challenges to win the whopping price of  $1m (£794,000). The participants who will be in the three tribes will go through moral dilemmas, extreme situations, and new twists.

Meanwhile, Randen Montalvo appears as one of the participants on Survivor 46. He is an aerospace tech, currently residing in Orlando with his family.

When a person appears on the reality show, viewers quickly get curious about them. Likewise, the show watchers have been looking up about Randen’s personal life on the Internet.

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Is Survivor 46 Randen Montalvo Gay Rumor True?

The rumors of Survivor 46 Randen Montalvo remain false as he is married to his beautiful wife and has children.

Parade released an article that says his spouse and kids are already planning a party for when he returns as the first boot. Moreover, his family was the one who encouraged him to join the show.

According to them, his lack of social skills made him most likely kill a chicken rather than bring in groceries. His vision of relationships and personality has a huge impact on his tough childhood.

His wife and his daughter have been watching the show for a long time now. As they were aware of Randen’s life journey, they came up with the idea of joining the show.

Randen Montalvo wife
Survivor cast Randen Montalvo shared a sweet snap of him and his wife from their wedding day (Source: Instagram)

Randen mentioned that he had a chaotic childhood which eventually led him to work very hard to provide for his family. His daughter jokingly said that he might be the one to be voted out first.

On the other hand, his 4-year-old son does not like the show at all. He says his son calls it “Surbiber” as he wants to be on his iPad.

He is keeping the identity of his wife and his children out of the spotlight at the moment.

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Randen Montalvo Girlfriend And Relationship Timeline

Randen Montalvo is married to a man and has two children with his wife. There is no trace of his girlfriend from the past on the Internet.

As Randen has just stepped into the world of television, there is very little information about him. Matter of fact, his social media does not hint much about his relationship.

He tends to keep his children and wife out of the spotlight. Nevertheless, being in the limelight can bring a chaotic change to the children’s lives.

Survivor 46 Randen Montalvo gay
Randen Montalvo on Daytona International Speedway attending Rolex 24 (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, he did open up about his difficult childhood. He did talk about the broken home and having to run away from foster homes.

Moreover, at some point in his life, he had to live on the streets and struggle a lot of time. Randen says he has yet to share his difficulties with his kids.

The reality star has come a long way to get where he is currently. So, he wants his children to have a different life as a provider.

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