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Did Thomas Kingston Undergo Abdominal Surgery? Weight Loss Update

The search for Thomas Kingston, a British financier, abdominal surgery and illness, went up as the news of his demise came online. 

Thomas Kingston, the husband of Lady Gabrielle passed away suddenly at the age of 45. His passing leaves behind a profound void in both Lady Gabrielle’s life.

He died at an address in Gloucestershire on Sunday evening. They quickly called an emergency service at 6 pm shortly after finding him.

According to the latest statement, the King and Queen are already informed about the misfortune. Their majesties have sent their thoughts and prayers to Gabriella and Mr. Kingston’s family.

Lady Gabrielle paid tribute to her husband alongside his family calling him Their majesties have sent their most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Gabriella.

As the news surfaced on the Internet, people are sending the grieving family prayers and condolences.

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Did Thomas Kingston Undergo Abdominal Surgery?

No, Thomas Kingston did not undergo an abdominal surgery. However, the person who underwent the procedure was Kate Middleton on Jan 16.

It is possible that some people mistook Middleton’s surgery for Mr. Kingston’s. Kensington Palace said that he stayed in the hospital for 10 to 14 days and came back on Jan 17.

The palace released a statement stating that the Princess of Wales was in The London Clinic for the procedure. Furthermore, the statement also says that she had planned the surgery.

Thomas Kingston weight loss
Thomas Kingston with his wife, Lady Gabriella, at Wimbledon on July 9, 2019. (Source: PEOPLE)

While the surgery was successful, she was in the hospital for 10 to 14 days before returning to the home. Following her medical advice, she won’t return to her duties until Easter.

At the present time, when the news of Mr. Kingston’s demise came online, many were confused about him having the surgery.

No official reports hint at Mr. Kingston having any such medical procedures. At the time of this writing, the Royal Palace has yet to reveal the cause of his sudden demise.

While the investigation is processing, the public should wait for the official reports rather than entertaining factless rumors.

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Thomas Kingston Weight Loss Update

While many assumed that Thomas Kingston was going through weight loss, no evidence supports the speculations.

Before the news of his sudden demise, there were no reports about his health issues or ongoing treatments on the Internet.

The British Financer did not publish his personal life on the media outlets. Weight loss and health issues are private matters of an individual which should be respected.

While the precise details are lacking, no one should make any assumption regarding his health. At the time, the priority was to pay tribute to his memory and support those affected by his death.

Thomas Kingston abdominal surgery
Lady Gabriella Kingston and Thomas Kingston attending the Committal Service for Queen Elizabeth II (Source: Mirror)

Moreover, the authorities have not suspected any hints of suspicious circumstances and no involvement of other parties in his demise.

The tragic passing of Thomas Kingston serves as upsetting news of how fragile life is.  Everyone who knew and loved him will undoubtedly carry his memory with them.

Even though he is gone, Mr. Kingston leaves a legacy of love and happy memories for his loved ones. Mr. Kingston’s family and Lady Gabrielle are grieving a great loss of their lives.

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