Does Tom Sandoval Have Sister? Siblings And Family Details

Tom Sandoval sister
An American model, actor is member on Bravo’s reality television series Vander Pump Rules.

Tom Sandoval, the captivating personality from “Vander Pump Rules,” is often in the limelight. At the same time, his brother tends to keep a low profile, so fans want to know about his sister as a sibling and family dynamics. 

Tom Sandoval, the multi-talented reality TV personality, was born on July 7, 1983, in St. Louis, Missouri123 as of today, he is 40 years.

In 2001, he graduated from Hazelwood West High School in North St. Louis County and pursued higher education.

Attending the University Missouri – Columbia, majoring in communications and business. Later, he transferred to Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he studied culinary arts.

As an actor, model, and bartender, he gained widespread recognition through appearances on Vander Pump Rules, a reality series set in Lisa Vander Pump’s restaurants and bars in West Hollywood.

Beyond being in many shows, he is also an advocate for animal rights and has participated in campaigns to raise awareness.

His charisma, unique style, and memorable moments have endeared him to fans. Besides that, he enjoys music and has showcased his talents on the show.

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Does Tom Sandoval Have Sister?

Tom Sandoval has a brother named Brian Sandoval who is older than Tom and was born on August 5, 1963, in Redding, California.

Besides that, he doesn’t have a sister though, his brother prefers privacy and tends to be out of the public eyes.

On his podcast, “Everybody Loves Tom,” Tom revealed that his brother Brian tried to distance himself from the embattled “Vander Pump Rules” star after the scandalous affair with Raquel Levis’s.

Brian Sandoval explicitly asked Tom to delete photos of them together on Instagram, indicating a shift in their relationships.

Despite this, Tom’s Instagram profile no longer features any photos of the two brothers, prior to the affair, their relationship seemed much stronger.

tom sandoval brother
Tom Sandoval is known for his dapper style and charismatic presence, captured in a striking pose. (Source: Instagram)

In May 2021, Tom shared a heartfelt post on Facebook celebrating National Brother’s Day. The post featured a photo of Tom and Brian in suits and the caption: “Happy National Brother’s Day! Love You Brian! …excuse me, Dr. Brian Sandoval.”

As per his caption, little information could be considered about his brother, which is that Brain holds the degree as the saying of Tom to him by “Dr. Brain Sandoval.”

After some sort of problem Tom deleted his Facebook account and only using Instagram sharing his moments and Twitter to share his thoughts.

Actor Jerry O’Connell, a guest on Tom’s podcast, expressed understanding for Brian’s feelings.

Beyond that, Jerry related to why Brian might feel “anxious” about associating with Tom, given the scandal and drama surrounding him.

While Tom’s relationship with Brian has experienced ups and downs, it remains a complex and private aspect of his life.

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Tom Sandoval Family Details

Tom Sandoval’s family includes his supportive parents, a private brother, and a mix of memories and complexities that add depth to his public persona.

His parents are Anthony Sandoval and Terri Green, where Anthony works as a businessman, while Terri has been a dedicated stay-at-home mom.

His mother, Terri, was introduced to viewers during an episode of “Vander Pump Rules” in 2016.

She visited Los Angeles and even shared a childhood memory of Tom’s talent contest victory.

She described as a smart, strong, and fun lady by Tom’s former girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

Tom Sandoval shares a heartfelt moment with his father, radiating warmth and familial love.(Source: Instagram)

Tom’s father, Anthony, also made an appearance on the show. He visited SUR (Lisa Vander Pump’s restaurant) and was featured in Tom’s Instagram posts.

Also, his parents hail from St. Louis, Missouri, where Tom himself was born there. And, as included on sibling he has a family member with brother.

Despite the drama, Tom’s family provides an interesting glimpse into his life beyond the reality TV spotlight.

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