Love Is Blind Season 6: What Is Trevor Sova Ethnicity And Religion?

Trevor Sova religion
Trevor Sova from Love Is Blind.

Due to being handsome, loveable, and mature, many people have loved and wanted to know more about Trevor Sova ethnicity and religion.

Trevor Sova was born in August 1993, in Summerville, United States of America.

He is known for his appearance on the Netflix reality series “Love Is Blind”.

Trevor is a project manager and is currently working as a project technician at Cardinal Health in North Carolina.

He was born and raised in Summerville, North Carolina, United States, and still resides there.

In the TV show Love Is Blind, Trevor said he likes to have a partner who shares his drive and is goal-oriented.

Trevor is a passionate fitness guy who loves going to the gym and staying fit.

Additionally, Trevor shares his love for dogs as he is a dog lover and owns a couple of dogs.

A little part of his life and his dogs can be found on his Instagram, where he shares some posts from time to time.

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What Is Trevor Sova Ethnicity?

Travor Sova has not shared anything about his parents in any form of media.

The only thing that we know about Trevor’s childhood is that he was born in Summerville.

From this available information, we can say that he is ethnically American.

Trevor did not talk about his ethnicity and his parent’s information in any of the episodes of Love is Blind.

Additionally, his Instagram posts are limited to collecting information as he only posted a few times.

Also, his Instagram post includes no information other than his dogs and his love for gym and fitness.

Trevor Sova origin
Trevor Sova has also worked as an account manager and fitness pro. (source: Instagram)

Despite this, some ancestor-tracking websites suggest that the surname Sova comes from Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Rusyn, Croatian, and Slovenian backgrounds.

So we can also assume that his ancestor history is the same.

Trevor was one of the participants to walk away with a broken heart in the Love Is Blind TV series.

He wanted to go on with Chelsea but got rejected. But despite that, people have praised him since he took the rejection so maturely.

As there are still other sets of episodes to be released so only time will tell how this story ends.

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What religion does Trevor Sova follow?

As with his ethnicity, Trevor has not really talked about his religion and religious beliefs.

His Instagram account does not even have a single word that indicates he is of any religion.

During his appearance on the show, there was not even a single indication that says that he is into any religion.

So many people believe that he was born a Christian but does not follow any religion now.

This is mainly because he has not shared anything related to gods and religion in his posts.

Trevor Sova ethnicity
Trevor Sova with his two pets. (source: Instagram)

Also, most people with the last name Sova are originally thought to be Christian.

In conclusion, Trevor is a lovely person with a kind heart and mature behaviour.

He is one of the most loved male characters to come out of this show as most people commented that he deserved a better ending.

One of his Instagram stories was him hanging out with participants of the show.

This shows that Trevor has quickly made friends during his stay on the show and how likable he really is.

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