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‘The arts are good value for money’

John Tusa writes for the Art Fund on how, and why, the arts enrich lives and boost the economy.
John Tusa - 'the arts are good value for money'

Writing for The Art Fund – the national fundraising charity for art – on why the arts are good value for money, John Tusa (author of Pain in the Arts) argues that ‘the continuing fight for the case for arts funding, there is only one sin – to think the case is not overwhelming.’

Reflecting the extent to which the arts touch so many aspects of life, welfare and society in the UK, and internationally, John explains:

‘the arts must be funded because they are efficiently run, transparently led, meet their objectives and deliver all the outcomes set. People are healthier, children better educated, communities more harmonious, towns and villages more prosperous when open to and involved in arts activity. National economic activity is boosted, research and innovation advanced, entrepreneurship galvanised, philanthropy stimulated, employment increased, tax take grown, social benefits increased, international reputation and prestige enhanced as a direct result of public support for the arts.’

Visit Art Fund‘s website to read the article in full. ■

John Tusa’s ‘Pain in the Arts’ Manifesto
Pain in the Arts in the Sunday Times
John Tusa writes for Guardian‘s Comment is Free

Visit our website for more details about Pain in the Arts.


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