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The Arts Are Good Value For Money

John Tusa contributes to the Art Fund, discussing the ways in which the arts enhance lives and contribute to economic growth.

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In his piece for The Art Fund, a national fundraising charity for art, John Tusa, author of “Pain in the Arts,” asserts that in the ongoing advocacy for arts funding, the only grave error is to underestimate the compelling argument in favor of supporting the arts.

Illustrating how deeply the arts influence various facets of life, welfare, and society both in the UK and globally, John elaborates:

‘the arts must be funded because they are efficiently run, transparently led, meet their objectives and deliver all the outcomes set. People are healthier, children better educated, communities more harmonious, towns and villages more prosperous when open to and involved in arts activity. Public support for the arts directly boosts national economic activity, advances research and innovation, galvanizes entrepreneurship, stimulates philanthropy, increases employment, grows tax revenue, enhances social benefits, and enhances international reputation and prestige.’

Visit Art Fund‘s website to read the article in full.

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