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Win Tickets To BFI’s Discover Arab Cinema Season

We have been provided with three sets of tickets by the BFI for their Discover Arab Cinema series, which we are offering as giveaways.

His Competition Is Now Closed

Thanks to the BFI’s generosity, we have three sets of tickets available to distribute for their Discover Arab Cinema series.

During the months of August, September, and October, the BFI in London is showcasing a selection of compelling contemporary and classic films originating from Lebanon or focusing on the country. They have generously supplied us with three sets of tickets to offer as giveaways.

To participate and have a chance to win, simply answer the following question and email your response along with your name and address to marketing@ibtauris.com, using the subject line “LEBANON“.

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Who Directed The 1998 Lebanese Film West Beyrouth (À l’abri les enfants)?

The deadline for submission is 1pm GMT on Friday, August 22nd. The three winners will receive a notification later that afternoon.

Further, the three winners will have the opportunity to select the film they wish to watch and the screening time, pending availability.

Then, We will secure the tickets for you, and you can collect them at the BFI on the day of your chosen screening.

lebanese cinema arabAs an added bonus, we will be offering a copy of Lina Khatib’s book “Lebanese Cinema: Imagining the Civil War and Beyond” to the three winners and three runners-up.

To assist in selecting the film you’d like to see, please visit the BFI’s website for the complete Discover Arab Cinema program.

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