Adam Montgomery Mother: Helen Montgomery And Family Background

Adam Montgomery murder
Adam Montgomery

Adam Montgomery mother is what people are curious about after the latest statement suggested that he killed his daughter because she reminded him of his mother.

Adam Montgomery is a thirty-three-year-old who is currently facing trial for the murder of his five-year-old daughter Harmony Montgomery.

The case explains that Adam killed his five-year-old daughter Harmony by beating her to death.

In the case presented on 21st February 2024, Adam’s lawyer defended him by stating that he should be punished for hiding the body but not murder.

According to him, he did not kill her but his estranged wife Kayla Montgomery did. Kayla is serving eighteen months in prison for perjury.

Adam got the custody of Harmony back in 2019. Shortly after that, according to the investigators, Adam killed Harmony.

He is currently serving thirty years in prison for an unrelated gun conviction and might get more time in prison when the decision comes out.

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Adam Montgomery Mother: Helen Montgomery

Adam Montgomery’s mother’s name is Helen Montgomery and his father’s name is Michael Montgomery Sr.

Helen was only fifteen years old when she gave birth to Adam. Additionally, at the time of his birth, his father was sixteen years old.

Except for these, no information about his mother is available.

Adam had always been in talks of criminal activities since his young age and was arrested when he was eighteen for robbing people.

Adam Montgomery mother
Adam Montgomery’s late daughter Harmony Montgomery. (source: Daily Mail)

At the age of twenty-four, he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison for shooting a man in the face.

The man he shot did not die and it was a conflict fire so the judge at that time did not give Adam more sentences. Additionally, the person who was shot also served in prison for violence.

In this incident, he also got shot by a twenty-two-year-old male who was trying to defend his friend. This incident was all caused during a drug deal.

He was also charged with domestic violence in 2021 and was also in court for stalking his ex-wife.

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Adam Montgomery’s Family Background

Many people, as common with these violent cases, believe that Adam’s violent behaviour is due to his childhood and family background.

This is very true as his childhood was not smooth sailing.

No report or evidence suggests that Adam was abused in his childhood, but some other reports suggest his parent’s illegal behaviours.

Some reports suggest that Adam’s father, Michael Montgomery Sr., used to do substance misuse. And also had a criminal history and violent tendencies.

His mother, Helen Montgomery, was also a victim of prostitution, substance abuse, and legal issues.

This shows how Adam’s childhood might have been a factor in his turning into a criminal.

Adam Montgomery mother
Harmony Montgomery’s biological mother Crystal Sorey. (source: Daily Mail)

Childhood and family background are such sensitive topics and phases that might turn a person into a civilized or a criminal form.

But that alone does not justify Adam’s behaviour towards his daughter and the loss of life.

The major reason that he did not like her daughter was because she reminded him of his mother. This statement was given by his friend during the latest trial.

This shows that Adam always hated his mother throughout his life. He always had such ill intentions towards his mother.

Since the case will come to a conclusion soon every piece of evidence will be released sometime soon.

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