American Idol Kimi Girlfriend Alba Hysaj: Is He Married? Relationship Timeline

American Idol Kimi girlfriend
Kimi hopes to bring his mother happiness through his appearance on American Idol. (Source: YouTube)

The talented American Idol contestant Kimi from Kosovo has captured hearts with his soulful performances to judges. Behind the scenes, he has the support of his girlfriend, Alba Hysaj, a pattern sculptor who shares his passion for music and art. 

Kimi Robinson, originally from Kosovo, moved to America from Kosovo, leaving behind his family, whom he hasn’t seen in six years now residing in Brooklyn.

He graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in English creative writing and holds a certificate in journalism also is an alumna of Loyola Marymount University in California.

His dedication to storytelling and communication shines through in his work as an entertainment reporter for USA TODAY.

Kimi used to watch American Idol with his mother when they finally got a computer. They bonded over their shared love for music.

His mother had a beautiful voice, but due to war and her health conditions PTSD and Multiple Sclerosis, Kimi never heard her sing.

Kimi’s dream of being on American Idol is filled by his love for music and his desire to honor his mother’s unfulfilled dreams.

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American Idol Kimi Girlfriend Alba Hysaj

While little is known about Kimi’s family, he seems happy with his girlfriend, Alba Hysaj, a pattern sculptor. Alba Hysaj is associated with Carve Wright CNC Systems.

She has contributed to developing Pattern Sculptor, a sculpting and editing software tool for 3D relief carving patterns.

American Idol Kimi girlfriend
Kimi chose to sing “Heal” reflecting his inner child and conveying a message of resilience and hope. (Source: YouTube)

This software allows users to smooth and smudge patterns and add or remove details to prepare patterns for carving.

Hysaj maintains a blog titled “A documentation of my writing journey and growth”. As a non-native English speaker, she faced challenges expressing herself during her writing class.

Despite these struggles, she pushed her limits and set new boundaries. Alba’s journey included assignments, self-reflection memos, peer reviews, and Blackboard discussions.

Notably, she explored genres like Formal Letters of Introduction and Product Review Essays.

In addition, her growth as a writer and her dedication to communication and articulation shines through in her work.

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Is Kimi Married? Relationship Timeline

American Idol Kimi girlfriend is Alba Hysaj and per the research there is no information about their marriage.

Kimi’s story shows what American Idol is all about it’s about believing in yourself and going after your dreams in music, no matter what obstacles you face.

It’s about showing that anyone can make it big if they work hard and follow their passion for singing.

The judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan were moved by his emotional rendition.

American Idol Kimi girlfriend
During his audition, Kimi poured his heart into the performance. (Source: YouTube)

Katy Perry asked him whether he was singing for himself or his mom, emphasizing the importance of his motivation.

Whereas Alba Hysaj works in environmental science led her to create an annotated bibliography on ocean pollution.

She analyzed research articles on marine oil spill pollution, governance, and case studies.

She explored how authors strategically organize sections to achieve their writing objectives, along with critical rhetorical analysis of scientific reports.

Her commitment to thorough research and clear communication contributes to her success as a pattern sculptor and writer.

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