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Formula 1 Beverley Allen Husband: Did Christian Horner Cheat On His Ex Wife?

Beverley Allen is the ex-wife of Red Bull’s formidable boss, Christian Horner. Once fueled by passion, their love story now skids on cheating rumors. 

Christian Horner is a British motorsport administrator and former race driver. He was born Christian Edward Johnston Horner on November 16, 1973.

Horner has been the Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team since 2005 and is well known for this role.

Throughout his career, Horner has achieved remarkable success. Meanwhile, winning thirteen world titles, including six World Constructors’ Championships and seven World Drivers’ Championships.

Horner started his career in motorsports as a race car driver before moving into team management.

In 1997, he established the Formula 3000 company Arden International Motorsport. He subsequently rose to the position of team manager at Red Bull Racing.

A prominent figure in Formula 1 both on and off the track, Horner is best known for his rivalry with Toto Wolff.

Besides his accomplishments, the public has questioned whether Christian Horner cheated Beverly Allen.

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Formula 1 Beverley Allen Husband

Red Bull Racing’s team principal in Formula One is Christian Horner. Throughout his romantic adventure, he has encountered several notable episodes and scandals involving Beverley Allen being cheated by Christian Horner.

He dated Beverley Allen for 14 years, starting their romance in 1999. Olivia, their first child, was due in early 2013.

Unfortunately, problems surfaced, and by late 2013, a short while after Olivia was born, Horner and Allen had parted ways.

beverley allen cheated
Beverley Allen and Christian Horner separated in 2013. (Source: The Mirror)

Shortly after the split, Horner swiftly entered a relationship with Geri Halliwell.

Their romance progressed rapidly, leading to an engagement in November 2014 and marriage in May 2015.

Despite initial family tensions over the quick transition from Allen to Halliwell.

Horner has worked to maintain a harmonious relationship with both women for the sake of their children.

As of 2024, Red Bull GmbH launched an internal inquiry into Christian Horner after a female colleague accused him of acting inappropriately.

Initially under investigation, Christian Horner faced scrutiny over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

However, after an independent investigation cleared him of all charges. He retained his position as the team principal, allowing him to continue in his role without facing any disciplinary actions.

However, the case has doubts about his professional status, behavior, and connections with Geri Halliwell and Beverley Allen.

Along with his success, there has been speculation over whether or not Beverley Allen was cheated by her ex-husband.

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Did Christian Horner Cheat On His Ex-Wife?

The relationship between Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell has certainly been the subject of many rumors, especially in light of Horner’s suspicions about his ex-wife.

Some sources state that Allen and Horner split up six months after Olivia was born due to the alleged cheating that took place during her pregnancy.

However, Horner and Halliwell did not get romantically connected until 2014, after Horner had split up with Allen.

beverley allen cheated
Soon after becoming engaged, Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell tied the knot in 2015. (Source: The Sun)

The details surrounding infidelity during Horner’s marriage to Allen remain unconfirmed.

However, there has been criticism and speculation about Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell’s relationship.

They started dating formally in early 2014, shortly after Horner and Allen’s breakup.

Reports of conflicts, such as Christian’s parents’ absence at their wedding, fueled rumors over the approval of their relationship.

At the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix, Christian Horner and Geri Halliwell first crossed paths. As their friendship grew, they quickly got engaged and married in 2015.

The search results don’t reveal specific proof of Christian Horner’s cheating on Beverley Allen or shed light on the specifics of his romantic encounters.

Meanwhile, Beverley has also not confirmed the cheating rumors involving her husband.

As co-parents, Horner and Allen keep a peaceful relationship for their kids and co-parent Olivia.

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