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Is Andrew Keegan Gay Rumor True? Gender And Sexuality

Is the supposition about the Andrew Keegan Gay rumor true? In this look into the matter, we set out to explore Keegan’s love past to find answers amidst the rumors.

10 Things I Hate About You fame Andrew Keegan has been in the headlines for a long-running rumor that he started a cult after purchasing an abandoned temple in 2014.

Meanwhile, the actor denied all the speculations stating his “cool community” Full Circle was a spiritual movement. Keegan was upset about the ongoing accusations that Full Circle is a cult, calling such claims “clickbait central.”

Keegan expressed delight in the relationships and friendships that were made during Full Circle’s existence as he thought back on the experience.

The actor also acknowledged he could have handled the media well during the peak of the rumor. While he just spoke about one of the speculations surrounding him, there is another hearsay surrounding his sexuality.

Let’s debunk the truth about Andrew Keegan.

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Andrew Keegan Gay Rumor: Truth About His Gender And Sexuality

As Andrew Keegan is dating Arista Ilona, we can rule out the gay rumor of the actor. While he has a history of dating quite a few girls, the speculations about his sexuality rose due to his role in a movie.

Twenty years back, Andrew appeared in the film “The Broken Hearts Club”. The movie follows the story of a group of gay friends in West Hollywood.

Andrew Keegan in The Broken Hearts Club as a newbie alongside Timothy Oliphant
Andrew Keegan in The Broken Hearts Club as a newbie alongside Timothy Oliphant (Source: Instagram)

In the movie, he played a newbie alongside Timothy Oliphant who played as his boyfriend. While the film was about gay friends, it also showed the hardships of coming out to your parents.

It centered on a restaurant owned by the fatherly Jack (John Mahoney) and his sponsored softball team. In one of Andrew’s posts, he writes that he is grateful for his role as an actor.

He also mentioned how the coming out scene has meant to people in their own personal stories of coming out. In addition, he feels the warmth of knowing how the film supported the community.

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Dating Life Of Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan has quite a history when it comes to high-profile romances. He was with his long-time girlfriend, Arista Ilona, however, as of 2024, their social media suggests they aren’t together.

There are no pictures of them together on their social media. In March 2022, Arista posted a snap with an anonymous man in Maui Beach.

She also shared a picture of her hand with a ring which suggests engagement. As per her Instagram, Arista is the executive assistant to a Netflix vice president.

Furthermore, she is also the owner of a small business where she sells herbal products. Her Insta account hasn’t been active since March of 2022.

The couple welcomed a daughter, Aiya Rose in March 2016. Prior to his long-term relationship with Arista, Andrew had a history of ex-girlfriends.

Andrew Keegan with his daughter Aiya in Hawai
Andrew Keegan with his daughter Aiya in Hawai (Source: Instagram)

Back in the late 90’s, when his career just started blooming, the actor had a string of high-profile girlfriends. In 1997, he was in a brief relationship with Party of Five co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The same years, after the split, he embarked on a dating life with LeAnn Rimes. At the time, the in-demand actor and America’s famous singer made a perfect couple.

In 2001, after three years, the couple called it quits and went a different way. As per the reports, around the same time, he started seeing Rimes’ Coyote Ugly co-star Piper Perabo.

A year later, Andrew dated The Girl Next Door’s Elisha Cuthbert for a year before their split. After a long series of his dating history, he had been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Arista, for six years.

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